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Improving user adoption with the right user experience

User adoption is a major factor in achieving successful enterprise software implementations, but one that is often missed. While much attention and investment goes into enterprise technology implementations, little thought is often given to the user experience and the user adoption process.

When organizations commit to focusing on user adoption, they see a significantly reduced spend on implementation, higher productivity from their employees and, overall, a more successful software implementation. However, user adoption is more than just training. Adoption means changing your employees’ behavior and making collaboration and information management integral to the way they work.

When you bring people on board with a good user experience, you reach your adoption goals quicker. As an example, a software implementation with rigid layouts that can’t be adjusted for specific user needs may be seen as difficult to use and result in lower adoption rates. However, when employees are brought into the change from design to implementation, they’re more likely to embrace the change and integrate new practices that will increase their productivity. Having a clear adoption plan can help ensure users understand why they should adopt the new software, and how they will use it.

OpenText has delivered thousands of Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solution projects and understands the best practices to drive success and increase user adoption.

OpenText has two unique offerings to target user adoption and optimize user experience during the pre-conference training at OpenText Enterprise World in Vienna on March 12, 2019:

  • The Content Server Smart UI software development kit (SDK) Workshop concentrates on the possibilities to optimize the user experience. We will focus on components and frameworks as well as the anatomy of Content Server widgets and how to implement and extend the user interface for ultimate experience.
  • In our User Adoption Strategy Workshop, our experienced change managers will guide you through key adoption decisions to be considered. This is a crucial part of an effective deployment plan, and the route to diagnose adoption issues with existing deployments. Reluctant users? Unmanaged content? Are users working around the system instead of within it? Reverting to old habits? We can help!

Talk to us about user adoption at the Professional Services booth in the Expo area at Enterprise World. Places are limited so register now. We look forward to seeing you there!

Dr. Wolfram Gebauer

Wolfram is Director for Learning Services helping customers with all aspects of enablement. He has spent over 20 years in the training and education space within software companies. Wolfram views change management and user adoption as keys to the success of employee education.

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