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What’s new in OpenText Intelligent Capture

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OpenText™ Intelligent Capture, which includes machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, provides omnichannel capture of digitized paper documents and native digital documents to extract content and route information efficiently and securely to the right users and systems in the organization. Check out the latest OpenText of Cloud Editions (CE) announcement to learn more about the most recent release. 

October 2022: What’s new in OpenText Intelligent Capture CE 22.4  

Enhancements to Advanced Cloud OCR integration 

Organizations that use the product’s Advanced Cloud OCR capability can improve OCR accuracy and regional data privacy compliance by specifying the content’s language and the required region for data residency.  

An example of how the OCR results of a handwriting-only page is shown.
In this example, the OCR results of a handwriting-only page is shown. 

Information extraction for intelligent automation 

Business users will save time with the new capability that uses machine learning to automatically extract postal addresses. This update supports many EU and North American country formats.  

A screenshot that demonstrates how all address fields are highlighted as address blocks for easy review and for use with Click to Extract if needed to train machine learning. 
All address fields are highlighted as address blocks for easy review and for use with Click to Extract if needed to train machine learning. 

Integration to Documentum with REST Services 

Organizations with the OpenText™ Documentum™ D2 UI or Documentum xCP can securely export captured content from Intelligent Capture to Documentum through a new REST-based exporter. Integration with REST services is key for modern data centers and cloud implementations of Documentum.    

A screenshot showing how OpenText Intelligent Capture supports and integrates with Documentum via RESTful APIs. 
OpenText Intelligent Capture supports and integrates with Documentum via RESTful APIs. 

For more information about OpenText Intelligent Capture CE 22.4, check out the release notes on OpenText My Support. 

November: 2021: What’s new in OpenText Intelligent Capture CE 21.4

OpenText Intelligent Capture (formerly Captiva) Cloud Edition (CE) 21.4 highlights OpenText’s commitment to build more machine learning, native cloud and advanced automation capabilities into a market-leading capture platform. As capture is the starting point of ECM and ERP solutions, being able to automatically ingest incoming documents and data provides organizations with an immediate and demonstrable return on their investment. The CE 21.4 release includes three powerful new capabilities:  

Information Extraction Engine (IEE) machine learning 

OpenText Intelligent Capture now includes OpenText™ Information Extraction Engine (IEE), a proven third-generation machine learning engine, which drastically reduces set-up time. It has the ability to recognize and learn new incoming document types and auto-classify and extract data from these documents (as well as variations of those documents,) significantly reducing the need for manual set-up and sorting.  

Although Intelligent Capture has utilized machine learning, such as Production Auto-learning (PAL) for nearly a decade, the addition of IEE has many partners and end users delighted. They anticipate major cost savings by being able to automatically recognize and learn new document types without the need to manually identify new documents and variations via scripting or configuration.  Improved recognition results begin immediately and IEE never stops learning and improving! 

Containerization for the REST subsystem   

In addition, Docker container support for Real-Time/ REST subsystem and Web Client has been added to simplify software deployments, scaling and upgrades.  Intelligent Capture 21.4 also includes Advanced Cloud OCR (separately licensed) that provides excellent results on handwritten and cursive text, documents with challenging backgrounds and documents captured on cell phones.   

New integrations for Advanced Cloud OCR and OpenText™ Magellan 

OpenText™ Magellan™ Text Mining sentiment analysis (also separately licensed) is now seamlessly integrated into IEE and uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and can provide document-level insights: positive, negative, or neutral.

June 2020: What’s new in OpenText Intelligent Capture Cloud Edition (CE) 20.2

OpenText™ Intelligent Capture (formerly Captiva) Cloud Edition (CE) 20.2 continues to deliver innovation in automating manual processes, enhanced user interfaces (UIs) for increased user productivity and integration directly with OpenText™ Extended ECM.

The Intelligent Capture Web Client has been significantly enhanced in CE 20.2 to include powerful new automation capabilities and an updated, ergonomic and intuitive UI for remote users to accomplish more with less manual sorting and fewer keystrokes.

These significant automation and UI updates are made specifically for the Web Client, enabling field and home workers to process more documents with fewer manual steps. These enhancements include Single-Click Entry, Auto-table complete and On-Image Navigation.

July 2019: What’s new in OpenText Intelligent Capture

July 2019: Introducing OpenText Intelligent Capture

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