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Captiva is now OpenText Intelligent Capture

Delivering one world-class capture solution

Since the launch of OpenText™ Intelligent Capture nearly a year ago, customers and partners have been asking about the transition and benefits within existing Captiva environments. But what is “intelligent” capture? What is the foundational thinking and technology behind it? John Mancini expanded on this shift in capture strategy in a recent AIIM webinar, where he describes the critical function of intelligent capture as a process where “organizations take basic capture capabilities and extend them as part of their broader transformation strategies.”

OpenText Intelligent Capture does exactly that—expanding on the mailroom capabilities of Captiva, while encompassing a wider set of technologies and a broader vision. OpenText will be at AIIM Conference Dallas next week to share more about OpenText Intelligent Capture. It’s important to remember that Intelligent Capture is an evolution, not a replacement. All existing CaptureFlows created within the Captiva CaptureFlow Designer are fully supported.

In addition, because OpenText Intelligent Capture is built on the Captiva platform, licensing remains the same for existing Captiva customers. This applies to existing Captiva server licensing as well as to Captiva Advanced Recognition, Mobile Capture, Real-time and the Captiva Web Client for distributed capture deployments.

Benefits of Intelligent Capture

With licensing remaining the same and existing capture workflows fully supported, customers can now take advantage of the extended functionality integrated into the solution. Intelligent Capture customers can now implement new capture automation capabilities such as Single-Click Entry and Table Auto Complete, both of which significantly improve operator productivity. In addition, Intelligent Capture customers can implement what Alan Pelz-Sharp has defined as “Practical AI” capabilities—in this case, the ability to leverage AI technologies that can be easily configured within Intelligent Capture for multiple line of business applications.

Intelligent Capture customers can also benefit from the addition of new machine learning capabilities, analytics and AI Augmented Capture—all of which can be easily configured as CaptureFlows. Capture provides a logical starting point for any AI initiative, and we have seen increasing interest to implement specific AI components to further automate manually intensive tasks. AIIM’s recent survey validates the logic of pushing AI to the front of business processes, with 72% of information professionals indicating that intelligent capture capabilities are important to their organization’s future artificial intelligence and machine learning plans. Integration is key to success. OpenText Intelligent Capture’s Capture Flow Designer supports all existing integrations to third-party ECM and other business applications while providing the ability to easily add AI and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to any capture process.

In conversations with customers and industry experts, we see a great appetite for capture solutions that can be used as a larger, single “front door” to facilitate process automation. OpenText Intelligent Capture provides COOs, shared and managed services managers with a highly configurable solution that can be easily deployed across departments to ensure incoming content is automatically classified, data is extracted and results are validated as quickly as possible.

By consolidating all existing and developing capture technologies within Intelligent Capture, OpenText can better accelerate development by focusing on a single enterprise capture solution that is easily adaptable to all deployment environments.

Learn more at AIIM Conference Dallas

Want to learn more? Take a few minutes to explore OpenText Intelligent Capture and join me at AIIM Conference Dallas (March 3-5) for first-hand demonstrations and discussions about the new world of intelligent capture. I look forward to meeting you personally at our booth—please reach out directly to schedule a meeting or product demonstration.


Jim Hayes

Jim works in Capture Product Marketing for Enterprise Content Management at OpenText. He has 25 years of experience in the capture and information management markets, working for 12 years in Europe as country manager for Germany and then as Director of Business Development for EMEA. He has held several leadership roles in sales and marketing and is now based in the Bay Area.

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