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What’s new in OpenText Decisiv

The latest updates include ....

The latest announcement by OpenText of Cloud Editions includes some great updates to OpenText™ Decisiv™. Check out the latest updates below.

November 2021: What’s New in OpenText Decisiv CE 21.4

Integrate Decisiv with OpenText™ Magellan™ Text Mining for enhanced document filtering capabilities

  • Find relevant content faster with AI-assisted Magellan text mining capabilities. 
  • Filter content stored in data lakes to access knowledge with greater precision and efficiency.    
  • Automatically categorize unstructured data and reduce compliance risks. 

Help knowledge workers make more informed decisions using at-a-glance visualizations 

At-a-glance display of product usage and performance metrics empowers knowledge workers to make informed operational, business and product infrastructure decisions. 

Improve secure enterprise access with new SAML Authentication

  • Expand secure enterprise access to federation, identity management and single sign-on (SSO). 
  • Standardize and make system interoperability possible and easy. 
  • Allow users to authenticate once with an organization’s specific identity provider and then access applications without additional authentication. 
  • Streamline the login process with each service provider while providing content security and privacy through identity federation (linking of multiple software application identities) with SAML.  

Other Decisiv CE 21.4 enhancements include:  

  • New dedicated filters in Knowledge Graph, providing new insights 
  • Multi-color term highlighting to quickly identify relevant documents within search results 
  • New Timeline View that quickly filters documents, people and matters based on the dates relevant to them (i.e., When the document was created etc.)  

May 2020: What’s new in OpenText Decisiv Cloud Edition (CE) 20.2

Update 1: Search faster and more efficiently in SharePoint

With the enhancements of Content Delivery over SharePoint (CDS) and Webparts, CE 20.2 streamlines knowledge management (KM) productivity for SharePoint users.  By adding the classic Decisiv UI inside SharePoint, users can search and stay working in their desired environment and eliminate the need to go between application browsers.

Update 2: Collaborate faster with time-saving user enhancements

Decisiv CE 20.2 also introduces enhanced collaboration tools. By bookmarking information already found, saving and sharing complex search setups and setting notifications on saved searches, knowledge workers and their teams can re-execute search tasks and automatically access the most up-to-date information.

November 2019: What’s new in Axcelerate, EnCase eDiscovery, and Decisiv Release 16 EP7

Automation, analytics, and accessibility are the key themes around the EP7 updates for OpenText™ Axcelerate™OpenText™ EnCase™ eDiscovery and OpenText™ Decisiv™. New automation templates reduce the manual effort to create and kick-off projects in EnCase eDiscovery by up to 75%. New machine translation capabilities and language analysis technologies open up innovative analysis avenues in Axcelerate. An updated UI modernizes the enterprise search experience and delivers better information access in Decisiv.

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