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Survey says! Key reasons organizations choose RightFax

TechValidate research reveals why OpenText RightFax is the leading digital fax solution

As the volume of enterprise fax continues to grow, and organizations transition from paper-based to digital fax, which digital fax solution is right for your business? New research by TechValidate highlights the reasons that organizations worldwide chose OpenTextTM RightFax.

Fax continues to provide a flexible and resilient technology that remains at the heart of document-centric processes for many, many organizations. As one respondent to a new TechValidate survey commented, “Everyone likes to fax for some reason … and it’s used all the time.”

Another respondent summed up the benefits of productivity, security and reliability by stating ”We have tons of users that use OpenText RightFax to send sensitive documents securely.”

Enterprise integration holds the key to the power of RightFax

For many of the respondents, their organizations were faxing hundreds or thousands of business-critical documents every day. To improve business workflows and productivity, the ability of OpenText RightFax to integrate with other enterprise and line-of-business applications – such as Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems – was vital.

A respondent from the Financial Services sector said: “OpenText RightFax works in unison with other software deployments within our organization to enhance workflows and productivity. It is also deployed to over 300 end-users for sending and receiving faxes.”

Integration flexibility was the leading reason why enterprises purchased OpenText RightFax, with users agreeing the digital fax solution integrated easily with their current applications and systems.

One respondent commented:

“I would recommend OpenText RightFax for its ease of use. It is easily maintained and customized, adapts to business needs and integrates with Microsoft products. Connie Meza, IT Specialist, PNM Resources, Inc.

OpenText RightFax increases business productivity

Interestingly, integration with organizational tools and systems did not top the list of features that organizations value when they actually start using OpenText RightFax. It was narrowly beaten to first position by the ‘performance, scalability and flexibility’ of the digital fax solution.

These features lead naturally to the major benefit of using OpenText RightFax. When asked, survey respondents said that ‘increased user and workflow productivity’ was far and away the biggest impact that digital fax on their organization.

One public sector respondent explained: “OpenText RightFax increased productivity by allowing our users to send and receive faxes right from their desk. We have OpenText RightFax integrated with our Microsoft Outlook email client so that faxes are delivered electronically to an employee’s mailbox. This also saves time in that the employee does not have to scan the physical fax to attach it to a case they are working on.”

That was the comment of one system administrator when asked about working with OpenText RightFax. It echoes the findings of the research that organizations find the ease of use and maintenance a major advantage. Reliability and ease of use are the top two things that people like most about the solution.

One respondent noted of OpenText RightFax: “Once it’s properly configured and maintained, you never have to touch it. Just the usual check-in from time to time to make sure there are no issues.”

I think that it’s this combination of integration, performance, security that means over 80% of respondents say they would recommend, or have already recommended, OpenText RightFax.

As Daniel Najm, Engineer, Carousel Industries of North America, Inc put it:

“We trust in OpenText because we have to send important documents and the best way to send those is using RightFax. Daniel Najm, Engineer, Carousel Industries of North America, Inc.

To find out more about how you can benefit from OpenText RightFax, visit our website.

Erik Enderson

Erik Enderson is a Senior Manager, Product Marketing for the OpenText Business Network division. He has more than 18 years of experience in the B2B technology sector and 10 years of experience with OpenText fax solutions.

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