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Rethinking content management: Not business as usual

Technology makes business possible even when circumstances make it seem impossible. And a big part of succeeding is having up-to-date, cloud-based tools to manage your organization’s content.

Stephen Ludlow, SVP of Product Management at OpenText™, launched his content management keynote at this year’s OpenText™ World 2020 conference with a look at all the ways today’s environment is clearly not business as usual. During the ongoing pandemic, organizations must manage new digital and virtual ways of working and figure out how to navigate a recovery that’s both uncertain and uneven. Simultaneously, they must deal with more – and increasingly sprawling – volumes of information, in part with the help of advanced technologies like artificial intelligence.

“We are seeing a lot of organizations using the crisis as the driver for digital transformation and for making manual processes more automated in process integration,” said Stephen. “Digital, on-line collaboration – its ability to be accessible from anywhere – is really critical in providing that information access.”

Document access from anywhere, on any device

As a real-life example, Stephen talked to John Crane, CIO of the Waikato Regional Council in New Zealand. The council relies on OpenText™ Documentum™ to provide the 650-strong workforce with access to documents and records management processed which are critical, never more so than during the pandemic.

“We’ve been very lucky here at Regional Council because we did have very much a cloud platform and mobility strategy,” John said. “We were a long way down that track when we went into the lockdown. So all our staff were able to work remotely at home and access all our systems—including our OpenText solutions—from home just as if they were in the office, through secure VPN and mobile devices.”

Managing work responsibilities under those circumstances means it’s vital to have good security processes in place, as well as the right processes, practices and partners, added Crane.

As a partner to more than 100,000 organizations around the world, OpenText helps connect content to digital business processes.

“We certainly understand that we are going through a revolution when it comes to the digital workplace,” Stephen said. “Without that digital backbone for information and content within the organization, we find organizations struggle without a single source of truth to their business content. We find that organizations are much more successful with their adoption when users don’t have to step outside of a business process to file documents. There’s no virtual walking down the hallway to store something in a filing cabinet. It is right there within the business content.”

Social services in the cloud

Stephen also spoke with Malesela John Moekele, Director of Appeals Compliance and Support in South Africa’s Department of Social Development. His organization provides social services and handles appeals for people whose social security grant applications have been denied.

Using OpenText Documentum, the department has been able to resolve more than 98% of appeals within its target of 90 working days, compared to less than 50% previously. This has also saved the agency around 40 million rands in litigation costs over the past four years, earning the Department of Social Development an OpenText™ Voyager award.

The agency is now looking to make even more use of cloud capabilities, to automate ever more processes so clients can apply for services online instead of having to visit a physical office.

However organizations manage their content, explained Stephen, it’s critical to include cloud as part of their strategy, as that’s what users and customers expect.

“Users these days do have the power to demand new capabilities, the latest UI, the latest automation, the latest analytics driven into their application,” he said. Whether it’s OpenText or your own IT operation, your business – and its content – must live in the cloud.

The OpenText™ Content Cloud, announced at OpenText World 2020, delivers key innovations to OpenText™ Extended ECM, OpenText™ Content Suite, OpenText™ Ecosystems Applications, OpenText™ Documentum™, OpenText™ File Intelligence, and the OpenText™ Core line of products. Learn more about how to rethink work from anywhere and content management with the OpenText Content Cloud.

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