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This is a guest blog by Dion Hinchcliffe, VP and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research OpenText established a major new era in the evolution of…

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December 17, 20204 minute read

This is a guest blog by Dion Hinchcliffe, VP and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research

OpenText established a major new era in the evolution of their organization at their recent OpenText World conference. Specifically, they positioned themselves as a far-reaching and comprehensive provider of digital services and transformation across a wide variety of IT and business capabilities. And their senior executives took great care to communicate their understanding of the current state of affairs in which they must thrive: A world that is going through the fastest technology disruption in history, a shift to Industry 4.0 that has resulted in a vast increase in connectivity, automation, AI, and computing power. The global response to COVID-19 has accelerated digital transformation and forever changed the business environment. While the pandemic will eventually conclude, OpenText underscored that the trend of working from home is here to stay. Servicing consumers directly via digital channels has skyrocketed. Contactless is the new standard practice for customer experience period, from payment, to pick up, to delivery. Supply chains have become far more digital, becoming more mobile, and localizing. The pandemic has also forced a blinding shift in time-to-value. Just five years ago, companies could afford to wait two or three years to deploy an ERP system. With the pandemic, those days are gone.

Rethinking business and technology

In 2021, the expectation will be that organizations must have a working solution in weeks, or even days. OpenText believes that organizations must respond by fundamentally rethinking their approach to both business and technology. All organizations will need to invest heavily in digital transformation. Projects languishing on the IT backlog for years have become vital to the core success of the business. Furthermore, organizations need to be more agile, flexible, and empathetic to the needs of employees, customers, and partners.  During the pandemic, organizations have never moved more quickly, and they will never move this slowly again. Change is going to continue to come quickly, requiring agility in every process from procurement to HR, noted OpenText in its executive sessions.

For its part, OpenText reports that they have invested extensively in digital solutions and processes. A long-established tech firm, OpenText has sought to become even more digital and further extend their position in the cloud. During the pandemic, they have helped organizations like pharmaceutical companies continue vital R&D remotely, aided manufacturers in maintaining their supply chains, and assisted companies to continue to communicate effectively with their customers.  

Announcing OpenText Cloud Editions 20.4

At OpenText World, the company also announced an important new iteration, Cloud Editions (CE) 20.4. With Cloud Editions 20.4, OpenText is says it now delivering all their products as on-demand software-as-a-service, a major advance in rapid availability and speed for deployment and maintenance. They also introduced five substantial new expert domain-oriented clouds to help customers go faster with their digital transformation efforts and to deliver on the future of work. These are the OpenText Content Cloud, the OpenText Business Network Cloud, the OpenText Experience Cloud, the OpenText Security & Protection Cloud, and the OpenText Developer Cloud, all of which are built on the OpenText Cloud Platform. These cloud solutions are designed to enable businesses to rethink processes and capture opportunities faster, easier, and more cost-effectively than traditional IT solutions. The OpenText Developer Cloud is an important underpinning advance and will provide a platform for developers to create custom solutions to manage information. It is intended to lead to a community of innovators working together to create better enterprise applications.

All in all, OpenText World showed a long-time industry giant moving faster than ever and responding to one of the most important years in its history.

While the live event has ended, the experience hasn’t. Visit our website to watch the keynotes on demand and get a backstage pass to new OpenText products and features, including roadmaps and product demos.

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