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Powerful new capabilities for data, rich media, and compliance

Automation and greater control for digital marketing managers and developers with OpenText TeamSite and Optimost

Image shows OpenText TeamSite with the digital asset management media widget open.

The last two and half years of the pandemic have created a divide between brands that embraced digital acceleration and those that have not.

With retail shops closed, many businesses had to switch to curbside pickup. And it’s changing yet again with a new mix of online and back to physical, in-person events. Everyday experiences transformed into digital. Key themes over the past few product releases have reflected an increased pace to optimize modern experiences. Most CMS practitioners have embraced digital transformation, but how are they continuing to innovate?

First we look-back at the latest product innovation over the past year, including new eStudio enhancements, such as the new Media Widget, a new Experience CDP (Customer Data Platform), and new cloud capabilities such as the use of Kubernetes containers for flexibility and scale. 


Do-it-yourself, or have someone manage it for you? Powerful new capabilities have evolved over the past few releases.  With the new native-cloud technologies, you can more easily scale, gain performance and manage your environments.  A few highlight include: 

  • Out of the box containerized image (Kubernetes) provides automated deployments, simplified configuration, and supported on all major cloud providers: AWS, Azure, GCP 
  • Centralized monitoring and logging, including flexible support of alert and monitoring tools 
  • Improved performance with runtime autoscaling, and high availability enhancement 
1. Easy deployment and container management 
2. Scale dynamically 
3. Run anywhere 
4. Monitor and log centrally

Experience CDP (Customer Data Platform) 

OpenTextTM Experience CDP was introduced with the 21.4 release. Integrated with both OpenTextTM TeamSite and OpenTextTM ExstreamTM, it uses Google Audience data to improve targeting and personalization. Further enhancements in 22.1 improves configuration, provisioning and support for high availability and disaster recovery configurations in cloud-native environments. There is a lot to learn about using data to drive innovative experiences – check out this webinar to find new ways to unlock customer data. 

Screen shot showing Google Analytics integration with OpenText Experience CDP CE 22.1

Experience Studio (eStudio) & Targeting Enhancements 

Dating back to 2020, there have been a great number of enhancements for both Experience Studio (eStudio) and Optimost. Two great resources to catch-up would be the following Webinars:  20.4 release summary, and 20.2 release summary.   

A few more highlights to call out: 

  • TeamSite 21.4 media widget for digital asset management 
  • Optimost 22.1 improves how customers can include their own variable data in A/B and Multi-variate testing. Optimost is integrated into TeamSite eStudio authoring. Also, customers can track custom variables and export experimentation data. 
  • CXI 22.1 define customer metrics and build dashboards across any journey 

Now, what’s new in the new 22.2 CE release.  New powerful capabilities to accelerate your ability to optimize digital experiences, including compliance and quality, and greater use of rich media, data and web applications: 

  • web compliance for accessibility ​ 
  • SEO and quality of website content​ 
  • targeting and personalization with the use of rich media in Optimost​ 
  • forms data with a direct integration in Salesforce records​ 
  • the use of Web applications, such as SPAs with new deployment and delivery tools​ 

Web compliance and quality assurance 

Automated website accessibility compliance, SEO, and quality of websites using an integrated web checker powered by Google Lighthouse. Designers, developers and business users can easily check website accessibility and quality in TeamSite preview, with minimal efforts. 

Screen shot shows the automated web accessibility compliance, SEO and quality checker powered by Google Lighthouse.

Rich Media used in targeting and personalization 

New OpenText Media Management widget now available in Optimost for using rich media in targeting and experiments. The new integration also helps keep track of digital assets that are being used in all kinds of site experiments. The media widget will provide consistent user experiences across our Experience Cloud products. 

Image shows a screenshot of the new OpenText Media Management widget available in Optimost for rich media in targeting and experiments.

Forms data and direct integration with Salesforce 

Optimize the use of data.  Both digital marketing managers and IT able to quickly publish web forms that capture information directly to a Salesforce record. The new integration is built on a framework that can be extended to other sources, including the OpenText Experience CDP. 

Screen shot shows how to create a new form in the OpenText Experience Studio.

Web application (ie. SPAs) management and deployment 

Automate the management of Web applications, such as MicroView code (SPAs), including both developers and business users using common tools to import, preview, and deploy to live runtime environments. 

Image shows a screen shot of automating the management of web applications such as MicroView (SPAs).

Learn more about OpenText TeamSite 22.2 CE and OpenText Optimost 22.2 CE

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