Top 9 reasons to modernize your Web Content Management with OpenText TeamSite

Whether you’re a long-time OpenText™ TeamSite™ user or are using other content management systems (CMS) for your web experiences, here are 9 compelling reasons to…

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June 3, 20224 minute read

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Whether you’re a long-time OpenText™ TeamSite™ user or are using other content management systems (CMS) for your web experiences, here are 9 compelling reasons to modernize.

A lot has changed over the past five years, especially going through pre-to-post Covid.  Web Content Management (WCM) has evolved from ‘create once to publish to many’ to much more holistic engagement using omnichannel.  WCM has evolved to Digital Experience Management (DXM), and the following 9 capabilities help with delivering more modern experiences:

1. Experience Studio

TeamSite’s user interface, Experience Studio, provides a visual, drag-and-drop approach to building digital experiences tailored specifically for marketers and other business users (pictured below). It includes many features such as integrated analytics, campaigns and digital forms to enhance the key focus areas to easily improve customer engagement.

2. Integrations

Your investment in best-of-breed solutions is perfectly safe when you choose TeamSite as your Web Content Management system (WCM). TeamSite can be configured to work with any software from eCommerce to marketing automation solutions out of the box with easy customization.

3. Headless

Since the content layer is separate from the presentation layer, you can create content once and publish it anywhere with TeamSite. Unlike traditional CMS solutions, the unique decoupled architecture allows you to share content with any third party software with ease.

4. Targeting and personalization 

Nobody knows your customer better than you – except for data. TeamSite helps capture, manage and leverage insights gained through analytics. Coupled with the new OpenText™ Experience CDP and Google™ integrations, TeamSite allows you to target specific customer segments with personalized content that resonates and drives results. By optimizing your digital experiences with TeamSite, you can maximize your acquisition, engagement and retention business goals.

5. Testing and experimentation 

Being able to experiment, test and improve is not a nice to have, it’s become a necessity.  Website optimization provides the best possible online customer experience by applying experimentation techniques.  Modern CMS provide the ability to gain learnings from A/B testing tools, multivariate (MVT) testing and more. The best website optimization tools help enterprises with conversion rate optimization (CRO), either for specific landing pages or for entire websites.

6. Workflows, translations, compliance and much more 

Along with having strong, customizable workflow capabilities out of the box, you can also simplify steps by integrating TeamSite with your other systems. Whether you want to streamline internal content approvals or include external agencies like translations, web compliance checking and much more – TeamSite is well equipped to make this happen with out of the box Google Translations, Lighthouse and many others.

7. Performance and scalability

TeamSite is consistently chosen above other vendors for its performance in both authoring and runtime digital experiences. When you choose TeamSite, you can trust that your website will perform as expected and will be properly configured. With TeamSite, if your next campaign goes viral, you know your site will be up and running.

Global organizations rely on TeamSite to meet their ever-expanding requirements worldwide. Whether you’re working on a microsite or your entire website, TeamSite grows with you, giving you the confidence to build your business.

8. Security

Security threats are the reality of being a digital-first company. OpenText’s team of engineers prioritize identifying and rectifying security vulnerabilities to help ensure your company’s data, as well as your customers’ private information, stays safe. Enterprise organizations worldwide trust TeamSite for its commitment to security across the organization.

9. Quality Content Review and Version Control

Protect your brand by ensuring consistency on virtually any mobile device with TeamSite’s mobile emulator (below). It previews the content so you can see how it will appear and make the necessary adjustments on-the-glass. As a bonus, you can also compare content in different languages side-by-side for quality assurance.

Companies in highly regulated industries like financial services and healthcare require the right tools to meet compliance audits. This is an absolute strength of TeamSite. In fact, the audit trail is so precise, you can re-publish the site as it appeared at any point in time to meet these strict requirements.

If you haven’t seen TeamSite lately, our team would love to walk you through all that TeamSite has to offer. Learn more or request a demo by visiting our website, or read my recent blog on how data-driven experiences are being achieved with the new Customer Data Platform (CDP).

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