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Make the most of your Single Page Applications with TeamSite 16.3

Do you like using Single Page Applications as part of your website design? They are pretty cool aren’t they? And more and more people are embracing them as part of enhancing the online customer experience.

The idea of a web-page within a web-page is a very powerful one. Single Page Applications (SPAs) allow you to embed a self-contained single webpage inside a more complex website. The SPA immediately loads its content without having to wait for the full website to be refreshed, which allows for a more interactive experience.

Cool for the user, but sometimes the development process can be frustrating. While the customer experience may be quick and interactive, authoring an SPA can occasionally be frustrating, especially if you have to wait for your IT organization or web team to modify and reimport the SPA before you can preview any changes you have made.

The EP3 release of the OpenText™ TeamSite web content management platform solves that problem. You can now edit your single page application content directly in the web site for an instant full context preview. This not only speeds production but ensures a consistent brand and content experience. This content-in-context capability for SPAs is unique to TeamSite.

How it all works

Web Designers create their SPAs outside the content management system using any tools they are familiar with. TeamSite developers then define what areas of the SPA will be editable and import the SPA into TeamSite as a module. The SPA is then accessed by the marketing user within TeamSite. They add the SPA module to the required pages and review content and assets in-context of the page.

In addition we allow your SPA to use OpenText™ LiveSite as a delivery mechanism and as a integration layer between your systems e.g. your Customer Relationship Management (CRM), backend processing system, or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

In-context editing

As well as speeding up the production process, the in-context editing gives content authors the freedom to review and edit the SPA while taking into account the layout and content on the website helping maintain a consistent brand and content experience. Content Authors can also preview for different devices i.e. mobile, desktop – and verify behavior and look and feel.

OpenText TeamSite helps you to create, personalize, and reuse content across any digital channel. It’s a simple, easy-to-use digital experience management platform that will help you improve time-to-market while also meeting brand and regulatory requirements.


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