Make information your customer superpower

Gain an information advantage over the competition and delight your customers

It’s time to work smarter

Organizations that have the information advantage are working smarter to navigate the unforeseen and race ahead of competition. Simplify and save time processing and managing all your business documents to provide superpowered experiences for your teams and your customers.

Information is at the center of modern work as teams engage with customers every day. How mission-critical documents are captured, managed, and delivered within Sales and Service organizations connected to Salesforce processes is not only important to satisfy customer needs but also to delight customers with great experiences that keep them coming back. Fusing this enhanced level of customer information and document management together will set you apart from the competition.

What are an organization’s information super villains?

 Higher customer expectations need to be satisfied to help nurture customer relationships, and internal information workflows need to be optimized to align with customer demands.

The real cost of poor document management:

  • Fragmented information prolongs sales cycle time – Documents in disconnected silos result in manual search and access, delays and errors, extending resolution time that impact customers negatively.
  • Inaccessible documents impact customer service quality – Inability to find and relay information on-demand results in poor decisions and outcomes providing bad customer experiences.
  • Out-of-control information is risky – If customer documents are mismanaged and not controlled it creates compliance, security, and financial consequences, potentially damaging to customers and your brand.
  • Poor information flows decrease productivity and collaboration – Inefficiencies with internal and external processes can cause inconsistencies between Salesforce data and document information causing rework costs and negatively impacting performance with customers.

How to simplify document management for Salesforce – watch the video

How to automate document and data capture for Salesforce – watch the video

Unlock information as your new superpower

Putting the customer and their information at the center of your sales & service operations ensures customer experiences are timely, positive, and memorable. Fueling your teams with superior access to documents powers productivity and collaboration, and the ability to gain insights to spot new opportunities and deliver exceptional customer engagements with the right information when it’s needed.

Powerful capture capabilities that deliver the information advantage

  • Capture & Manage all customer documents in predefined structures intelligently surfaced inside Salesforce
  • Reduce manual inputs and collaborate on mission-critical documents in the context of the business processes
  • Ingest mission business data from documents and inject it directly into Salesforce fields to reduce manual entries  

Superior document management and more empower your teams to save the day

  • Full content management capabilities – including document actions, custom metadata, automated review and approval, side-by-side viewing, access control, audit trails and more
  • Digital signatures – Provides a fast, compliant and hassle-free way to sign quotes, contracts and other documents
  • External sharing – Extends collaboration beyond the firewall with simple and secure external sharing in the cloud

Gain an enhanced 360◦ view of the customer to enable “X-ray vision” into customer insights

  • Shorten resolution times to close cases and deals faster with real-time access to all customer-related documents directly within the Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud
  • Boost productivity and work in the familiar Salesforce UI while having all the relevant documents intelligently surfaced related to the account readily available
  • Reduce costly risk by governing all documents and instantly locate the right information when it’s needed to comply with regulatory mandates and guidelines, such as GDPR

Work smarter with OpenText – a dynamic superpower for your Salesforce business

 All customer data and documents together! We solve complexities by bringing information and automation together so businesses of all sizes can be re-invented through new digital fabrics, new rules and new ways to work. The world’s most trusted companies trust OpenText, and our expertise is in helping people work smarter. OpenText powers and protects information to elevate every person and every organization to be their best.

OpenText is the industry leader in document management. With over 25 years of experience, we have deep insights into the information needs of today’s sales and service organizations.

OpenText™ solutions for Salesforce® provide a deeply integrated information framework to capture, manage, and deliver information for Salesforce environments, empowering teams to master modern work and delight customers, connecting Salesforce data, mission critical documents and people together.

Gain the information advantage as your organization’s new superpower. Simplify and save time managing your customer documents with OpenText™ Core Capture for Salesforce and OpenText™ Core Content for Salesforce®, increase sales & service productivity with an intelligent and powerful document management approach designed for the most demanding Salesforce environments. Experience a demo here today or visit us on the Salesforce® AppExchange for more info.

Lee Van Cromvoirt

As part of the OpenText Alliances & Solutions Marketing team focused on Salesforce integrations, Lee's goal is to help organizations explore how content enriched business processes are driving the information advantage.

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