Introducing OpenText Content Cloud for Life Sciences

Bringing the best of our industry-leading Life Sciences solutions to the cloud

OpenText™ is thrilled to announce the launch of OpenText Content Cloud™ for Life Sciences, an innovative new offering that brings the proven productivity and governance capabilities of OpenText™ Documentum™ for Life Sciences to a cloud environment.

OpenText Documentum for Life Sciences provides the industry’s most mature and proven solutions to accelerate clinical trials, improve the quality of regulatory submissions, and ensure compliance during manufacturing processes. The new cloud offering brings:

  • Flexible upgrade timing
  • Predictable operating costs
  • Secure access for employees and partners
  • Accelerated deployment to speed time to market

That last point, fast time to market, is proving to be even more critical in these changing times, as life sciences industries race to get safe and effective products approved to address the current global healthcare crisis.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has responded to the urgency of this crisis by making immediate and far-reaching changes to approval guidelines. These are aimed at accelerating the development of new coronavirus treatments as quickly as possible by streamlining trial and approval guidelines for developers and scientists. What’s more, for treatments and therapies not related to COVID-19, the FDA has also reacted to our new reality by allowing virtual audits that are performed off-site, instead of face-to-face.

Start with the reliable and proven

As we’re seeing with these new FDA guidelines, ongoing technology advances allow organizations to take reliable and proven processes and make them better, from both a productivity and governance perspective. As life sciences organizations look to balance regulatory requirements, security and existing infrastructure, they are turning to cloud solutions to deliver agility, innovation and cost savings.

OpenText Content Cloud™ for Life Sciences uses a cloud-based architecture to expand the time-tested benefits and value of OpenText Documentum for Life Sciences.

Upgrade with ease

Now, more than ever, fast time-to-market is critical for life sciences companies. Technology must help, not hinder, that process. With OpenText Content Cloud for Life Sciences, quick provisioning and start-up services performed by technology experts mean fast deployment, accelerating time-to-value. Updates and upgrades are quickly available — users always have the latest software features at their fingertips. Overhead and recurring spend become much more predictable. Valuable IT resources are freed up to improve support for other strategic and operational requirements.

Connect to critical systems

Isolated silos and information sprawl continue to burden organizations, particularly those in highly regulated environments. It is essential to connect critical business systems to improve information flows and accelerate access to content and data. Everything from decision making to legal and auditing activities depends on it. OpenText Content Cloud for Life Sciences incorporates the industry’s most comprehensive integration capabilities to cloud-based and on-premise systems, with far more available out-of-the-box than other competitors.

The best of both worlds

With flexible upgrade timing, predictable operating cost from one vendor and easy integration with the enterprise systems that produce and consume information, OpenText Content Cloud for Life Sciences brings the strengths of a mature, industry-leading solution into the age of the cloud. Organizations can accelerate clinical trials, speed submissions to health authorities, and create, manage, review and approve quality and manufacturing documentation.

Learn more about OpenText Content Cloud for Life Sciences by visiting our website or registering for an upcoming webinar, Increase agility with a cloud for Life Sciences, on June 24.

Robin Gellerman

Robin Gellerman is the Product Marketing Manager for Life Sciences Enterprise Content Management solutions at OpenText. With over 20 years in the enterprise content management industry, Robin has held a variety of product and industry marketing positions supporting document management, capture and customer communications technologies at OpenText, the Enterprise Content Division of EMC, Captiva and Document Sciences. Most recently, Robin was the Industry Strategist for retail, and has previously worked with energy & engineering and healthcare solutions.

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