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From intern to full-time: My career journey with OpenText

Piyush Aswani has had an exciting career journey with OpenText: from intern to full-time developer, and from his home town to Hyderabad and then to Bangalore. Here Piyush shares what his OpenText experience has been like to date.

I joined OpenText as an intern on Monday, February 2, 2015. It was my first job and I was so excited to move to Hyderabad and start my career in software.

My internship program ran for around two months, during which time I learned a lot and made many new friends. Living in Hyderabad was an exciting new phase of my life. Hyderabad was close to my home town and filled with people I knew.

At the end of my internship, I was asked to interview for a full-time Software Engineer position with OpenText at the Bangalore office. After clearing two technical interviews, I got the position!

Getting the job was exciting – but there were a lot of other emotions there too. Moving to Bangalore was a bit of a scary thought as I’m not always comfortable with new people right away and I felt like I would have to start all over again making friends.

However, I could see from my experience as an intern that I would gain many chances to grow professionally with this organization. Moving to Bangalore to work as a developer would be a huge step forward in my career.

I decided to make the move and launch my full-time career with OpenText.

It was worth the risk. I have been working and learning in Bangalore for one and a half years now.

My colleagues made me feel at home here right away. The people I work with were so friendly right from the beginning, and this team has become like a second family to me.  OpenText is a home away from home, and every day is a joy to come in to work.

I am now part of a committee that organizes activities for colleagues outside of work too, which helps me to meet even more people from around the organization!

All in all, my experience with OpenText has been a positive one. I’ve learned so much about how an organization functions and the skills I need to be a success in my life and career – all while meeting new people, breaking through my comfort zone, and getting to know an amazing new city that I now call home.

I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next for me at OpenText!

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