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IDG survey: how marketing services firms are meeting communications challenges

Independent research firm IDG has published a white paper based on surveys of ad agency executives. Entitled “Meeting the Challenges of Marketing Communications Delivery,” it provides insights into how the ad business is evolving their infrastructure to meet customer communication requirements.

Where the industry is going

What are these industry experts putting their focus into over the next 12 months into 2022 and beyond? 36% of respondents cited boosting email engagement over the next 12 months as their top objective.

Other top objectives include:

  • 31% – expand the number of channels
  • 31% – increase data security
  • 30% – improve users’ communications experience
  • 28% – expand services regionally and globally
  • 26% – integrate communications channels for a more unified approach”

How? By bringing their messaging together

Currently many firms are struggling because their marketing communications are split between a variety of authoring solutions and delivery providers. While these collections of systems likely developed in each organization organically over time as new channels emerged, that siloed approach has shown it brings with it a host of unnecessary frustrations.

That’s why, according to IDG, 9 out of 10 executives surveyed said “they’re considering moving to a single-solution approach for seamless communications.” Integrated solutions like pairing OpenText Exstream™ and OpenText™ Notifications can deliver huge benefits via cost-savings, efficiency, reliability including assured email and SMS delivery.

There’s more to learn – see IDG’s research!

IDG’s research turned up many other useful insights into where the industry is going, the challenges ahead and how executives are hoping to reach their goals. Read the whitepaper.

Dana Morio

Dana Morio is a Product Marketing Manager at OpenText with 20+ years expertise in Voice and Unified Communications. She is a technology veteran, with experience in messaging, mobility, cloud, on-premises and hybrid applications for secure enterprise communications.

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