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Bringing cloud-native solutions to UK government agencies

UK government agency chooses cloud native OpenText Documentum on Amazon Web Services to meet modern information management needs

Despite the benefits of cloud and cloud-native technologies, government agencies have often lagged in cloud adoption, resulting in legacy systems that:

  • Lack the security capabilities needed to meet today’s compliance requirements and security best practices
  • Are costly to maintain
  • Are difficult to integrate with new systems
  • Slow down internal processes, impacting productivity and employee experiences

Slower adoption of cloud-based technologies is largely due to strict federal regulations and requirements, such as FedRAMP in the United States, making it difficult to gain approval for these types of applications. In the UK and European Union, to accept any cloud-based solution, security mechanisms are closely scrutinized to evaluate if the solution is secure enough to store personal information, which is the majority of information processed by public sector bodies. Personal information is subject to very stringent regulations, and misuse or lax security can make an organization subject to large fines. After undergoing extensive review, Amazon Web Services (AWS) was approved by many UK government agencies as a cloud provider that meets these strict standards.

Helping government agencies achieve digital transformation

The strong partnership between OpenText and AWS allowed close collaboration between the companies to bring cloud-based solutions to multiple UK government agencies, helping them navigate their digital transformation journeys.

With a legacy content management repository based in IBM FileNet Content Manager, one UK government agency needed a more modern solution that could serve their more than 86,000 users and manage their more than 1.5 million highly sensitive unstructured documents while meeting very specific and stringent security requirements.

The agency wanted to use AWS’s encryption services, so OpenText worked with them to build a proof of concept for a highly customized solution using OpenText™ Documentum™ that would:

  • Replace their existing IBM FileNet application
  • Integrate with AWS security cloud services, including AWS Key Management Service (KMS)
  • Meet strict security and encryption requirements

Enabling fast and easy deployment

Another major requirement was that the agency be able to deploy the Documentum solution on AWS themselves. The OpenText Professional Services team provided a series of playbooks to support a seamless deployment that included testing for availability and scalability.

The agency successfully deployed their customized Documentum solution on AWS with baked-in encryption policies that the agency could manage themselves. OpenText’s comprehensive playbooks enabled the agency to perform the deployment, while ensuring that they adhered to standard industry best practices and met their internal security requirements.

Understanding the benefits of cloud-based, integrated solutions

With this cloud-based Documentum solution, the agency is now able to leverage the breadth of AWS security solutions to continually meet their compliance requirements while serving their 86,000+ users. With the ability to enable optimal enterprise content management, Documentum integrates seamlessly with AWS solutions to give organizations the ability to:

  • Establish a single source of truth to share content and collaborate securely
  • Manage and extract data/value from content across the enterprise
  • Establish control of critical information with a single source of truth
  • Enterprise content services, process management, and content governance

Learn more about how to modernize your business-critical applications with OpenText and AWS.

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A "Stone" Scott

Stone has been with OpenText for more than 10 years working on various projects involving innovation and partnerships. Prior to OpenText, he held Marketing and Alliances executive leadership roles at Hewlett-Packard, 3Com, and Lucent Technologies. Stone has also served as a U.S. Diplomat and U.S. State Department Trade Negotiator where he worked on Japan and Canada trade policy.

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