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Melissa Juarez

Melissa Juarez has been in the business-to-business technology space for 10 years with experience in both marketing and product teams. As Sr. Product Marketing Manager for the ValueEdge platform at OpenText, she is an expert in the areas of DevOps and Value Stream Management and interested in how technology can deliver exceptional value faster than ever before. Melissa’s interests extend to the fields of AI and the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), reflecting her commitment to data-driven strategies and pioneering technologies. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology. In her free time, Melissa enjoys reading, watercolor painting, and spending time with her two children.

Deliver better applications faster with a smarter delivery platform

Every software delivery team wants to get their product to market quickly (meaning “first”). However, accelerating software delivery requires everyone and everything to seamlessly come…

December 14, 2023 3 minute read
Five steps to Value Stream Management

Five steps to Value Stream Management

Value stream management (VSM) is a relatively new trend in software development that focuses on the value of delivery initiatives across an organization’s software development…

4 minute read

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