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Brad Bosley

Brad Bosley is VP of Managed Services and also leads the Customer Advocacy team, with 23 years of experience in Enterprise Information Management. His background is from both a corporate IT perspective running mission critical applications, as well as with vendors having roles across Support, Services, Engineering, and Product Management.

Optimizing performance for your EIM platform

Slow and inconsistent performance can be a barrier to user adoption and achieving the desired outcomes for a solution. Even small inefficiencies can add up,…

February 25, 2021 4 minute read
Running a resilient EIM platform

Running a resilient EIM platform

Information is key for businesses to operate and succeed, making it imperative that the Enterprise Informant Management platforms they rely on are robust, reliable, and…

4 minute read

Ensuring EIM resilience and continuity

Ensuring EIM resilience and continuity

Mercedes F1 has just developed a breathing aid for COVID-19 patients after receiving regulatory approval and moving into production in under a week. This is…

5 minute read

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