Announcing OpenText Experience Cloud CE 21.1

Companies are increasingly looking for solutions to increase their productivity, by modernizing their technology stack, increasing the value of their existing applications, and enabling their staff to be more efficient.

Organizations are fighting to engage customers in a more crowded digital space while keeping pace with customer preferences and buying behaviors. To remain successful, organizations need to invest in delivering personalized, contextualized experience across every channel, while optimizing operations at scale. A robust Customer Experience Platform that drives efficiency while improving the customer experience is core to businesses that want to remain competitive and lead the market.

Our most recent announcement of OpenText Experience Cloud CE 21.1 sees enhancements to OpenText™ OpenText™ Media Management (Digital Asset Management), OpenText™ Qfiniti (Call Center Management), OpenText™ Digital Fax and a new communication solution with OpenText™ CX-E Voice.

New capabilities delivered in OpenText Digital Experience as part of OpenText Cloud Edition 21.1 allow:

  • Marketing teams to find, use and distribute assets for omnichannel experiences​ easier and faster. Media Management speeds up digital experiences creation by identifying the best assets thanks to AI and therefore speed up time-to-market. It increases the ROI on rich media assets by encouraging their reuse in multiple campaigns.
  • Qfiniti contact center analytics for Twilio Flex increase agent’s productivity and quality of the customer engagement
  • Operations Departments gain supply chain insights with communication delivery status, directly within their CRM (SAP)

Increase Customer Services productivity and customer engagement

Many organizations have moved their contact center agents from an on-premise setting to a work from home environment, resulting in operational deficiencies with both personnel and telephony infrastructure. Research shows that cloud-based call centers are 83% more likely to have a formal process for assessing agent productivity and have a 4.5% customer abandonment rate compared to a 6.2% rate experienced by on-premise contact centers. As a result, companies are increasingly adopting CCaaS telephony solutions such as Twilio Flex to transform their legacy telephony systems. The challenge is that these CCaaS solutions lack advanced capabilities in agent assist, training, quality control, compliance, scheduling, Voice of the Customer and much more.

In OpenText Qfiniti CE 21.1, integration to Twilio’s CcaaS and others can provide coverage in the area of Workforce Optimization and Analytics, completing the on-premise to cloud transformation and solving the operational challenges of an agile workforce. Additionally, OpenText Explore allows organizations to perform automatic quality management on all customer interactions and provides a Voice of the Customer program. Qfiniti is one of the only two solutions integrated with Twilio Flex.

Qfiniti Live brings the following innovations:

  • Qfiniti integration to Twilio Flex (programmable cloud contact center)
  • Advanced “Do Not Record” options that handle conference and transfers scenarios
  • Call automation through advanced address filters
  • Disaster recovery so analytics can be restored
  • Screen recording fail-over for continued capture

To learn more, visit the Qfiniti website.

Increase Media Management user productivity and adoption

Rich media is essential in the creation of compelling, personalized customer experiences, and vital to all teams in an organization, marketing and communications, but also to production and engineering departments. With OpenText Media Management, they can easily manage an ever-growing volume of assets, and benefit from the integration with other enterprise systems. The latest version of OpenText Media Management offers new capabilities that increase the solution Return on Investment and speed up productivity.

Enhancements include:

  • Modern interactive filtering of assets​,
  • Enhanced filtering for colors based on a histogram​
  • Brandable homepage for limited users in Digital Hub​
  • Quick and easy preview and launching of microsites that users have been shared
  • Ability to pin frequently used microsites​

To learn more, visit the new OpenText Media Management website

Improve Operations productivity

Digital fax is a secure, trackable and auditable form of information exchange that is easy to use, cost effective and integrates with enterprise applications. They offer every deployment option, on-premises, cloud-based, hybrid or as a fully managed service. OpenText™ Digital Fax solutions offer today an increase visibility, enhance device usability and improve fax automation and throughput.

Improvements include:

  • Fax2Mail – SAP HANA and SAP NetWeaver connectors to allow faxing from SAP for uninterrupted workflows
  • Notifications (Service) – Facilitate customer application integration for SMS through the delivery of a modern RESTful API
  • Fax2Mail and Notifications – Improved MyPortal user experience through new administrative capabilities and more reporting options.
  • Notifications – Improved error reporting for email and SMS customers allowing them to improve their deliverability

To learn more, visit the Digital Fax solutions website.

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