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Announcing OpenText Experience Cloud CE 21.3

Modern customer experiences are personalized experiences. Customers expect you to tailor your communications, websites, support, and even in-person interactions to suit their needs, preferences, and interests. For many organizations, delivering that level of service can feel impossibly work-intensive. How do you ensure you’re not left behind as competitors up their game?

OpenText™ continues to evolve our Digital Experience solutions to facilitate sustainably efficient development and deployment of personalized, relevant experiences at scale. Recognizing that the more customer data you handle, the more your possible exposure to risk from ever-expanding privacy laws, updates also continue our commitment to data security.

New capabilities delivered as part of OpenText Experience Cloud CE 21.3 include:

  • NEW OpenText™ Experience CDP – integrating Google Marketing Audiences with OpenText TeamSite and OpenText Exstream
  • OpenText™ Media Management – now integrates with Shutterstock to access the vast collection of stock photos from within Media Management. A New Job Dashboard streamlines workflows
  • OpenText™ Core Experience Insights – New Rest APIs for further integrating Digital Experience Management with Communication Experience Management within the Experience Platform.
  • OpenText™ XM Fax – Integration with the Cerner EMR.

Introducing OpenText™ Experience CDP

OpenText Experience CDP offers marketers ways to further personalize experiences and communications for higher conversion rates. It does this by bringing together both first party and third party (Google Marketing Audiences) data to increase content relevance across channels.

Personalize experiences:

  • Unify personalization data for all customer touchpoints
  • Make communications and experiences more relevant through customer intent audience data
  • Improve customer retention through much more relevant experiences and communications

Customer Data Platform:

  • Runtime Customer Data Platform (CDP) with customer profiles and audiences for high performance personalization
  • Embedded with  OpenText™ TeamSite™,  OpenText Exstream™ and OpenText™ Experience Platform


  • Integration with Google Marketing audiences​
  • Synchronize Google Marketing Audiences and audience lists

To discover more, visit the Experience CDP website.

Powerful Digital Asset Management enhancements

OpenText Media Management CE 21.3 includes two exciting improvements that can dramatically speed up projects.

Job & Collaboration Enhancements: 

  • Streamline workflows, with an all-new dashboard, step-list job views and a Team view
  • Everyone can stay up-to-date with their projects with a clear understanding of tasks, deadlines and priorities
  • Assign managers or watchers to jobs that they can track to completion

Watermarking enables brand protection of Digital Assets:

  • Ensure brand protection with watermarking templates applied dynamically for library and syndication use cases.
  • Track downstream content usage with configurable download terms and usage questionnaire.

Ecosystem Innovations:

  • Shutterstock: Enables discovering, licensing and ingesting of stock assets from Shutterstock all within the Media Management application (requires Shutterstock subscription).
  • WS Rekognition: New in 21.3 is AWS Rekognition Image AI services that customers can use to analyze and enrich metadata 

To learn more, visit the new OpenText Media Management website

Enhancements for Core Experience Insights

There’s no denying that data, good data, and the lessons that come from it are incredibly crucial to developing and deploying modern, personalized customer experiences. Core Experience Insight’s latest updates further strengthen its ability to empower these initiatives.

APIs for interaction event data:

  • APIs to export aggregated and segmented data to external reporting solutions for custom analysis

New customer centric dashboard:

  • New dashboard enabling customer centric drill-downs within journeys to visualize:
    • where they are in a journey 
    • segments that have been applied to them
    • other recent events/touchpoints they engaged on

To learn more, visit the Core Experience Insights website.

Cerner EMR integration for XM Fax

In  OpenText XM Fax CE 21.3, our suite of EMR integrations expands to include Cerner, one of the largest health information technology providers in the world. This makes XM Fax the first and only digital fax solution to offer a certified API-based integration with Cerner EMRs. Users can now send faxes from, and receive status information in, their Cerner EMR without leaving the tool, streamlining workflows.

To learn more, visit the Digital Fax solutions website.

Learn more

These latest versions of OpenText Experience solutions make it easier to deliver personalized customer experiences in a more efficient and secure manner. Let our experts work with you to assess your current environment and make recommendations for a successful upgrade, whether on-premises, in the OpenText Cloud, in other companies’ clouds, or in a hybrid deployment.

To join the conversation with your peers and OpenText experts, click here.

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