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Announcing Business Network Cloud CE 22.1

Integrating external people into collaborative business is high-cost and high-risk. Trading partners, corporate clients, vendors, and other external ecosystems all require access to critical enterprise information and services, but associated cost and risk diminish returns: manual onboarding processes, hands-on user administration, retro user experiences, security incidents and lack of visibility. In fact, 28% of CEOs abandon their top choice digital initiatives due to the cost to mitigate security risks. What follows are just some of the updates that have been rolled out with the Business Network™ CE 22.1 release.

Empowering customers to build secure ecosystems and streamline access to customer-facing services

  • Securely collaborate at a global scale
  • Eliminate onboarding and compliance pain 
  • Future Proof: tailor the platform to your needs for today and be prepared for tomorrow
  • One portal technology for all processes, applications, and users

Updates for Managed Services Foundation:

  • New self-service capabilities 
  • The introduction of our first ERP application adapter for companies using SAP S/4HANA, this release supports order based transaction flows
  • Provides a scalable integration solution that can help solve complex integration scenarios across both SMB and enterprise companies

Freeway Cloud™ introduces Intelligent Packing

  • Introduction of Intelligent Packing functionality assists with goods packing to increase speed and reduce errors
  • Specifically for fulfilling custom packing requirements, intelligent packing ensures goods are packed as requested by retailers, the warehouse team is notified and response times for POs are short 
  • Intelligent Packing uses machine learning with Trading Partner and historical data
  • Improves customer experience and lets customers benefit from faster and more accurate document responses
  • This is just the first step of a multi-step release of more intelligent packing features

Active Invoices with Compliance™ (AIC) features increased coverage of mandated clearance model e-invoicing requirements and also:

  • Active Invoices with Compliance (AIC) expanded coverage with support for Spain B2G via the FACe Government invoicing portal
  • Integration with Sovos ConnectOnce API to accelerate country expansion

As I said at the beginning of this blog, big things are happening!  Additional Business Network CE 22.1 blogs will be coming the next few weeks where you will learn about the launch of OpenText Supplier Portal and new features available in OpenText Identity and Access Management and the OpenText Internet of Things Platform.

Bob Slevin

Bob Slevin is the Director of Product Marketing for IoT at OpenText. Bob is an Internet of Things (IoT) architect and evangelist with more than 25 years’ experience in telecommunications spanning Military and Private sectors. He has collaborated with partners to deploy millions of connected devices across business and consumer markets. An IoT thought leader with an MBA in Technology Management, Bob is focused on identifying business challenges and building innovative solutions to improve operational efficiencies, drive growth and mitigate risks.

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