What’s new in OpenText Qfiniti and Explore Release 16 EP7

Providing a superior customer experience delivers a competitive advantage in today’s crowded marketplaces. To keep customer satisfaction high, you must be able to measure and…

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November 12, 20195 minute read

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Providing a superior customer experience delivers a competitive advantage in today’s crowded marketplaces. To keep customer satisfaction high, you must be able to measure and understand customer interactions taking place in your enterprise contact centers and back offices so that you can be sure you are meeting customer needs and identifying opportunities for agent workforce improvement

The release of OpenText™ Qfiniti and Explore Release 16 EP7 reflects our commitment to bring innovations to our contact center customers by delivering a comprehensive view of customer experience insights from the Voice of the customer (VoC), employee performance, including voice of your employees (VoE), speech analytics, accuracy, security and much more. This release is packed with many feature enhancements across our Workforce Optimization (WFO) product suite.

Enhanced Media Player

With our Enhanced Media Player, our users will have comprehensive playback functionality at their fingertips, increasing speed and user productivity. These new features are exposed across our Observe, Advise, Survey and Explore applications.

A new Analytics Tool Bar and Panel has been introduced providing access to our powerful Transcript, AutoScore and Desktop Analytics modules. The Analytics Tools panel can be expanded or compressed using an easy to use drag feature to speed use, depending on whether the user’s focus is on transcript reading and analytics or desktop application usage.

Player controls have been extensively modified to provide a unified user interface across the Qfiniti & Explore product suite and much more.

Synchronized transcription display with harmonized sync playback, powerful search, and marker features

Qfiniti Explore users can view a transcript of the interaction in the Analytics Tools panel supporting the voice recording.  So, while the call recording is playing back, the transcript simultaneously scrolls, synchronized, with visual cues indicating the current location or interaction within the recorded call.

Transcripts can be searched for terms, phrases and other parameters such as caller or agent, with easy to navigate search results sets with highlighted text as visual cues. An advanced search interface is provided for more precise matching.

Agent versus caller speaker percentage contrasting

With this release, agent and caller speaking percentages are automatically calculated and are displayed in the player.

Transcript Add Marker

The Transcript Add Marker feature enables users to highlight sections that need to be reviewed by an agent or another Qfiniti user. A marker can be created for an individual sentence or multiple sentences. This is very useful when reviewing the recording for call handling quality, multiple tier evaluation support and collaboration.

AutoScore result

Users with deployed Explore and AutoScore applications may take advantage of our AutoScore results, which is now part of our Analytics Tools. You can quickly view agent scoring for all templates played back and automatically scored.

Desktop analytics application breakdown pie chart

For Qfiniti users that have added Optimize Measure, a desktop analytics section has been added to Analytics Tools. It depicts the applications used during the interaction, and the percent of time the different applications were used. This allows the evaluator to see at a glance if appropriate applications were accessed and used productively.

Integrated desktop activity timeline

The Application Breakdown is also displayed as a timeline at the bottom of the player. It includes the audio, highlighted by speaker, plus the desktop activity by application for Optimize users. This interactive timeline allows the user to see what application the agent was using and where in the process they were using it. Users can hover their mouse over the timeline to see the application name.

Analyze speaker sentiment, summarize speaker conversation by agent, caller and entire call

Explore now calculates conversation summarization three times for each recording, once for the agent’s side, a second time for the caller’s side and a third time for the entire recording. In addition, three different versions of sentiment can be analyzed and scored. Sentiment scoring is calculated by percentage and positive, negative and neutral attributes are displayed. All these results are presented via our Interaction Analysis Report interface.

Search for recording by sentiment and sentiment score by speaker

Users can now search for recordings using the overall sentiment of the call and using the percentage of positive or neutral sentiment, including what speaker it was calculated on.

Learn more

To learn more of how WFO with Qfiniti and Explore EP7 makes it easier than ever for your organization to create, visualize and deliver amazing customer experiences please visit our website or get in touch with one our subject matter experts.

Discover all the latest innovations in OpenText Experience solutions here, and read more about OpenText Release 16 EP7 here.

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