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The latest updates include …

Preserve data silently during investigations to prevent destruction of evidence

Managing litigation holds is fraught with risks, especially when conducted manually using spreadsheets or email. Organizations risk inadvertent or advertent destruction of potential evidence, spoliation, inconsistent preservation practices, and potentially costly mistakes. And when an internal investigation into an employee’s actions warrants the utmost confidentiality and discretion, risks related to the willful destruction of potential evidence are magnified.

OpenText™ Legal Hold 23.2 silent hold features provide the ability to create silent holds quickly and efficiently while communicating with important stakeholders such as IT and/or legal teams. The new hold history in Legal Hold 23.2 offers a better tracking mechanism for reviews or audits, ensuring that organizations have a complete and accurate record of their hold history.

This is an image of the OpenText Legal Hold dashboard.

New functionality allows users to: 

  • Create and issue silent holds in minutes to preserve data and mitigate the potential willful destruction of evidence, providing greater security and control over data preservation
  • Monitor and track the creation and updates of legal and silent holds, including creator details, updated information, status, versions, and timelines to ensure compliance and accountability
  • Track custodian addition and acknowledgement, including custodian number, timeline, and details. Capture custodian acknowledgement details, such as “on behalf” acknowledgements and respective details

Additional enhancements in OpenText™ Legal Hold 23.2 include:

  • Performance improvements in the product to support multiple parallel users and large datasets. This helps the product be stable and fluid in case of matters or legal holds with many custodians or reports with large volumes of data.
  • Other minor parity features which replicate the functionality in the legacy hold application with a modern outlook.

Due to the potential overlap with data privacy laws, clients are advised to seek counsel on the propriety of issuing silent holds in their jurisdictions.”

To learn more, visit the OpenText™ Legal Hold page.

Read the blog on why in-place preservation is critical to the litigation hold process.

Nadia Riyasat

Nadia Riyasat is a Product Marketing Manager for OpenText eDOCS and Decisiv solutions. Nadia defines, demonstrates, and communicates the value of OpenText solutions to drive awareness and adoption with customers, partners, and the OpenText salesforce.

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