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What’s new in OpenText Extended ECM for Engineering and Core for Building Information Modelling – CE 21.4

OpenText™ Extended ECM for Engineering 

Extended ECM for Engineering helps you manage and control your engineering information to:

  • Accelerate revenue 
  • Improve external and internal collaboration to reduce time to project milestones 
  • Increase production uptime revenue by speeding operations and maintenance task completion 
  • Provide visibility, insight, and control to ensure governance 

CE 21.4 for Extended ECM for Engineering includes the following innovations:   

State Flow automates and controls efficient engineering work processes to keep projects and tasks on track 

  • New state-based support for engineering specific workflow processes including review and approve, squad check, distribution states and transitions 
  • Automate Transitions based on events and actions 
  • User Roles within States to configure who does the work 
  • Access to work process progress and full audit history to ensure accountability 
  • Expanded engineering actions such a batch state transitions in context 
A screenshot showing an example of the user interface for State Flow within Extended ECM for Engineering.
Example of the State Flow user interface within OpenText Extended ECM for Engineering.

Graphical widgets, actionable dashboards, and reports enhance access, insight and control 

  • My Assignments widget enables users to easily find the work they need to do 
  • Faceted search and browse with engineering specific metadata speeds document access 
  • Custom columns display engineering metadata at a glance 
  • Graphical widgets including workflow status and overall work progress provide project insight 
  • Content Intelligence State Flow sub-tags enable actionable reports and automated State Flow control 
A screenshot demonstrating the look and feel of various graphical widgets available in Extended ECM for Engineering.
Example of the graphical widgets available in OpenText Extended ECM for Engineering.

OpenText™ Core for Building Information Modelling  

Core for Building Information Modelling (BIM) efficiently captures and validates incoming BIM Data to maximize its value in operations and maintenance activities by enabling teams to: 

  • Speed project model collaboration 
  • Plan, build, and maintain quality digital twins  
  • Track, classify, and validate BIM data throughout the entire project 
  • Share designs and provide change management across the entire project and operations workforce 

Core for BIM CE 21.4 includes the following innovations:

Extended ECM integration of models to the entire enterprise 

  • Access models within Enterprise Asset Management (SAP PM/Maximo) and other ecosystem solutions (Finance, GIS, HR, CRM) to speed maintenance planning and execution using the built-in business workspace connector 
  • Generate rich progress reports combining model delivery and status with other tasks and deliverables to provide insight and control 

Support for multiple 3D formats to accelerate collaboration 

  • Easily check and validate designs with the built-in viewer consolidating multi-format models and office documents 
  • Support for IFC, IFCZIP, RVT, RFA & DWG formats 
  • Build multi-format federated views without the need for authoring tools to speed collaboration and visualization of what-if scenarios  

Multi-format viewing and manipulation speeds review/feedback/validate cycles with clear visual change requests

  • View submissions from multiple suppliers in a single model view to quickly “see” the complete 3D plan and provide informed feedback and direction 
  • Create new arrangements from multi-format model elements without changing the underlying models 
  • Take snapshots to share clear visual feedback with suppliers and to compare with their resulting updates 
  • Speed adoption and reduce costs with the intuitive user experience (no complex and expensive specialist software required) 
A screenshot demonstrating the Core for BIM's multi-format viewing user interface.
Example of OpenText Core for BIM’s multi-format viewing.

To learn more about these innovations and other OpenText solutions for engineering, project, operations, and maintenance teams register for OpenText World 2021 on-demand and watch the CTS200 OpenText Energy and Engineering solutions roadmap. 

Cameron Brennan

Cameron is the Director of Program Management for ECM-based Engineering and Asset Information Management solutions at OpenText. His focus is on large capital projects as well as operations and maintenance in the energy, chemicals, and natural resources sectors.

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