What’s new in OpenText Enterprise Applications CE 20.4

OpenText™ Cloud Editions (CE) 20.2 focused heavily on the cloud centric architecture of our Enterprise Application solutions. As we move into CE 20.4, there are key launches for several of our Enterprise Application solutions. These can be loosely categorized into new capabilities and new integration options as follows.

Extended ECM for SAP

OpenText™ Extended ECM for SAP CE 20.4 focuses on better interoperability with SAP’s Cloud and Document Management solutions. Extended ECM for SAP CE 20.4 is certified to support SAP S/4HANA Cloud Extended Edition. Customers who are leveraging the capabilities of SAP S/4HANA in the cloud, can now use Extended ECM for SAP to provide the same compliant content in context capabilities as if they were deploying on-premise.

Also, with Extended ECM for SAP CE 20.4 there is improved support for SAP DMS. Users of Extended ECM can now include add SAP DMS documents into an Extended ECM workspace enabling better collaboration and content management for SAP and non-SAP users.

In addition, Extended ECM for SAP now supports Core Archive for SAP Solutions to archive SAP and Non-SAP content into the cloud.

Note: All features in Extended ECM platform are also supported with this version of Extended ECM.

Extended ECM for Office 365

A key capability added to OpenText™ Extended ECM for Office 365 is to support the capability to use a Microsoft Teams teamspace to more objects in Extended ECM. Initially you could link to Business Workspaces, however it’s clear that not every collaboration topic created in Teams has an associated Business Workspace – it could be a project community or a group workspace.

With CE 20.4, you can now create a teamspace and connect that to a number of other Extended ECM objects including standard folders, personal workspace, email folder and an archive. This encourages users to leverage the Teams capabilities for collaboration but also ensures that content remains in the key system of record rather than being moved, edited locally in Teams.

SAP Digital Asset Management

OpenText™ Digital Asset Management for SAP® Solutions CE 20.4 has been re-architected inline with the CE 20.2, to now follow a cloud ready containerised architecture. This should reduce deployment times and enable easier and faster upgrades.

As well as delivering the new cloud architecture model, there are a range of new UI enhancements both in the DAM application and when connected to SAP Customer Experience solutions to enable easier digital asset operations.

Vendor Invoice Management

OpenText™ Vendor Invoice Management for SAP® Solutions CE 20.4 is the first release to formally showcase the vastly increased scope of document types that VIM is able to support. Historically VIM was focussed solely on automating the processing of invoices, however with 20.4 the list of standard documents that VIM supports now includes Order Confirmation, Delivery Notes, Quotation, Sales Orders, Remittance Advices and additional document types can be configured as needed. This means that a single solution can now support a much wider range of financial and accounts payable processes.

Vendor Invoice Management, like Extended ECM for SAP also now fully supports SAP S/4HANA Cloud Extended Edition. Customers can take advantage of the capabilities offered in VIM natively within SAP S/4HANA Cloud Extended Edition and leverage OpenText™ Core Capture for SAP® Solutions as an optional Cloud based capture service and OpenText™ Core Archive for SAP Solutions for document viewing and control purposes.

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Jonathan Beardsley

Jonathan is a Program Manager in Business Transformation and Digital Disruption, particularly interested in how customers are digitally transforming their supplier, customer and business relationships and where OpenText can help. Previously a CEM Architect for 15 years working across a variety of Digital Marketing requirements, helping customers deliver new and innovative online and digital channels.

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