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Today’s economic climate necessitates that legal teams do more with less, including the ability to manage higher volumes of projects within tighter budgets and shorter…

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November 2, 20204 minute read

Today’s economic climate necessitates that legal teams do more with less, including the ability to manage higher volumes of projects within tighter budgets and shorter timelines. This demands eDiscovery platform comprehensiveness and versatility.

In OpenText™ Axcelerate™ CE 20.4, we are pleased to introduce a new product and module with Axcelerate Investigation, designed for true early case assessment (ECA) and investigations. Axcelerate CE 20.4 also includes significant enhancements across the platform including enhanced visualizations for big picture insights and support for chat data.

Axcelerate Investigation drives faster and more comprehensive early case analysis

With an increase in regulations, ESI types and data volumes, and data privacy mandates, efficiently assessing data and finding the information that will tell the story quickly yet comprehensively is critical to making decisions early on to manage costs and risk.

The all-new Axcelerate Investigation platform, part of the integrated OpenText™ Axcelerate™ investigation and eDiscovery solution, goes beyond traditional ECA tools to find the facts quickly for active or anticipated litigation. Axcelerate Investigation drives effective early case assessment and analysis by combining data collection, processing and culling capabilities with front-ended analytics to swiftly find facts and patterns for rapid insight and decision-making. These include stackable metadata filters, powerful text analytics and predictive analytics. If a full document review is warranted, data can be transferred seamlessly to the full Axcelerate cloud.

Axcelerate Investigation is also ideally suited to support a broad range of other types of investigations such as compliance, human resources, M&A due diligence, C-suite vetting and more.

Axcelerate Investigation is a purpose-build data investigation and exploration platform to quickly explore data to find the key information to guide strategy and reliably eliminate irrelevant data.

Axcelerate Visualizer further streamlines workflow

Axcelerate’s new Visualizer dashboard brings data analytics into focus for rapid insight into matters of all sizes and complexity. The new feature allows reviewers to expedite the ability to drill into the analytics faster to find facts and uncover responsive data with greater speed and precision. Axcelerate Visualizer incorporates communications, custodians, file mime types, office flags, phrase analytics, and more.

Axcelerate Visualizer is highly customizable. Reviewers and investigators can choose what data is displayed, how data is presented (e.g. bar graph, pie chart, etc.) and the level of detail for each vantage point into Axcelerate’s analytics. Axcelerate Visualizer is available across the Axcelerate platform including Axcelerate Investigation and Axcelerate Review and Analysis.

Axcelerate Visualizer provides big picture case insights, faster.

Axcelerate introduces support for chat

With an increasingly remote workforce, chat has become a prolific part of organizational communications. Axcelerate CE 20.4 introduces the ability to parse data from chat platforms by transposing the data to align to the Axcelerate chat format.

Once ingested into Axcelerate, chat data and related content such as reactions and edits are displayed in a familiar chat style layout for easy review. What’s more is that Axcelerate treats chat like any other potentially critical data. Chat data is integrated into Axcelerate’s smart filters with its own dedicated filter and analyzed in tandem with all other data as part of concept groups, phrase analysis, text analytics and predictive analytics.

Axcelerate CE 20.4 includes a pre-configured parser for Microsoft® Teams® and a generic chat parser for virtually any other chat platform. Additional pre-configured parsers will be rolled out with subsequent releases.

Additional reporting, usability, performance and connectors

Axcelerate CE 20.4 also includes new reports to quickly assess reviewer productivity and review progress to improve the ability to manage projects and address bottlenecks. PST extraction has also been enhanced for improved speed and reliability and export templates have been introduced to reduce effort on repeated workflows with similar criteria. New connectors for Gmail™ and Google™ Drive™ are also included to expand Axcelerate’s reach across data sources.

For more information please visit the OpenText Legal Tech CE 20.4 blog or the OpenText Axcelerate product page.

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