Announcing OpenText Legal Tech CE 20.4

Rethink legal productivity

Law departments and their external counsel are experiencing a higher volume of work. The explosion of data, new sources of litigation and diminishing resources has created new obstacles for securely identifying, collecting, analyzing, reviewing, producing and managing information for litigation, investigations and compliance. Today, it is more important than ever that eDiscovery and legal information management technology be flexible, adaptive and responsive to the needs of a rapidly changing workplace.

OpenText™ Legal Tech CE 20.4 introduces a host of technological innovations designed to meet the needs of our customers, to reduce the cost of discovery, improve productivity and speed access to relevant information.

OpenText Axcelerate Investigation drives faster, more comprehensive case analysis

With an increase in regulation and data privacy mandates, efficiently assessing Electronically Stored Information (ESI) to find the information that will tell the story quickly yet comprehensively is critical to managing both costs and risk.

The all-new OpenText™ Axcelerate™ Investigation platform, part of the integrated Axcelerate investigation and eDiscovery solution, goes beyond traditional early case assessment (ECA) tools. By combining data collection, processing and culling capabilities with full text indexing, stackable metadata filters and powerful analytics, it drives effective early case assessment and analysis, and helps teams find the critical facts faster for rapid insight and decision-making.

If a full document review is warranted, data can be transferred seamlessly to the full Axcelerate Review and Analysis (R&A) module in the cloud.

Axcelerate Investigation is a purpose-build data investigation and exploration platform to quickly explore data to find the key information to guide strategy and reliability eliminate irrelevant data.

Axcelerate Visualizer further streamlines workflow

OpenText Axcelerate’s new Visualizer dashboard brings data analytics to life for rapid insight into matters of all sizes and complexity. The new feature allows reviewers to drill into the information faster to find facts and uncover responsive data with greater speed and precision, incorporating communication, custodial, file, concept and phrase analytics.

Axcelerate Visualizer provides big picture case insights, faster.

Microsoft integrations streamline productivity for eDOCS users

OpenText™ eDOCS CE 20.4 streamlines collaboration with new integrations to Microsoft Teams and OpenText Core Share. eDOCS deploys InfoCenter as a Microsoft application, allowing users to access, add and share eDOCS content directly within those applications. The release also introduces eDOCS user experience improvements, including modern authentication with SSO and feature parity between eDOCS InfoCenter and the classic DM experience.

Decisiv goes beyond enterprise search with data-driven insights

Drawing upon relationship insights helps legal teams with any number of scenarios–from identifying subject matter expertise and relevant cases in an effort to secure a new client matter to seeing how a court ruled on a similar case to better set cost and timeline expectations with a new client.

OpenText™ Decisiv™ CE 20.4 does just that, providing knowledge workers with insights that go beyond search results with at-a-glance analytics and a new Hypergraph that dynamically represents data relationships with content visualization. By starting with just two pieces of information (such as the names of a lawyer and a judge), Decisiv visualizes relationships to help users quickly determine relationship relevance.

OpenText Legal Tech CE 20.4 builds on the time and cost-saving legal workflows released in CE 20.3, including the introduction of OpenText Insight Cut Point Review. A Simple Active Learning protocol (TAR 1.0) for flexible, adaptive TAR workflows leveraging the same full-featured machine learning engine as Insight Predict, Cut Point Review assists teams in review tasks such as response to third-party subpoenas or Hart-Scott-Rodino Second Requests, in which budgets, timelines and goals mean that a full TAR 2.0 review is unwarranted or unrealistic.

To learn more about OpenText legal information management and eDiscovery solutions, visit the OpenText Discovery Suite.

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Rachel Teisch

Rachel Teisch is Senior Director of Product Marketing at OpenText Discovery. She brings nearly two decades of experience in eDiscovery, and is responsible for product marketing for the OpenText Discovery suite of products. She most recently served as Vice President, Marketing, at Catalyst Repository Systems, which was acquired by OpenText in January 2019 and is now part of the OpenText Discovery portfolio.

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