Roll out a comprehensive, compliant health and safety program without relying on IT

Imagine you’re a newly hired health and safety expert for a growing global organization. Your mandate? Implement a much-needed health and safety program across the…

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February 11, 20194 minute read

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Imagine you’re a newly hired health and safety expert for a growing global organization. Your mandate? Implement a much-needed health and safety program across the organization, starting with improving the incident reporting process.

As part of your industry expertise, you know that protecting your organization from liability and other risks involves introducing a cohesive series of best practices and policies, including:

  • Receiving/providing notifications in a timely manner
  • Assessing the situation immediately and making a defensible judgment call. Does it require emergency services? Why or why not?
  • Notifying the appropriate government agency within the prescribed time period
  • Collecting the facts and details—employee’s statement, witness reports, security video, grounds maintenance schedules—to fill out an incident report
  • Distributing data to key stakeholders: HR, employee’s manager, Legal, Health and Safety Global report
  • Archiving all data and applying records management
  • Providing search capabilities on stored information for reporting, analysis
  • Reviewing, implementing and improving global programs with aligned processes

But how do you align your stakeholders – comprised of hundreds of non-technical knowledge workers including Facilities Managers, HR, Health and Safety teams, external services, and Legal teams – with the daily care of a global ecosystem comprising thousands of people and multiple locations?

Outcome #1: Recipe for failure

Your new organization still relies on traditional, paper-based systems and/or IT to develop custom, internal business applications. This means process delays as stakeholders waste time chasing documents across multiple applications and repositories to piece together the information they should have at their fingertips. Not to mention, this further overburdens your IT department with developing and managing a standalone, proprietary application that has a very narrow focus.

Outcome # 2: The way forward

Free-up valuable IT resource time and resources with pre-built templates provided by OpenText Connected Workspaces and Smart View.
OpenText Connected Workspaces with Smart View, released in Content Suite 16, uses pre-built templates and a visually driven user interface to help non-technical teams set up customized and compliant information exchanges for common business processes.

Your new employer is an OpenText™ Content Services customer with an implementation of OpenText™ Content Suite Platform. They are using the Connected Workspaces feature to create workspaces that aggregate information about a business object — in this case, facilities worldwide — from multiple sources into one place. Putting content into context for key stakeholders means they can access the information they need to make the most informed decisions, quickly. Your employer has even implemented a Smart View dashboard tailored to your department to provide role-based charts and reports for easy consumption of real-time and shared information.

Let non-IT teams set-up custom and compliant workspaces quickly with OpenText Connected Workspaces and Smart View.
Eliminate inefficient and slow, paper-based processes with digitized content workflows. Let teams around the world collaborate with departments across time zones and access the information they need quickly.


By implementing Connected Workspaces, collaboration across departments and time zones is much easier, with zero burden on the IT department.

Together, OpenText Connected Workspaces and Smart View allow organizations to realize these 6 key benefits:

  1. Free-up valuable IT resources from developing and managing one-off applications
  2. Automatically organize business content by leveraging pre-built templates and role-based viewing
  3. Let business users set up, collect and organize team-centric information in one workspace — and never lose information.
  4. Automatically apply metadata and records management rules and classifications without user involvement
  5. Provide easy metadata search capabilities, helping everyone from project managers to legal to auditors quickly discover IP exchanged in team project discussions
  6. Increase user adoption, personal and process productivity with visual feeds, charts, and reports tailored to function and user roles

Learn more

  • Watch a recording of the February 12 OpenText Live webinar and see a live demo of a real-world use case involving a Facilities Manager completing an emergency incident report
  • Want to start leveraging Open Text Connected Workspaces and Smart View? Read this blog highlighting why now is the time to U.P.G.R.A.D.E.
  • Join the product experts at Enterprise World 2019. See all the upcoming event locations and dates here.
  • See Connected Workspaces and Smart View in action with these Content Suite demo videos.

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