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Simplify records management while improving information governance

Increase adoption and adherence with speedy, at-a-glance visualization

Challenge: Your organization has many users involved in the lifecycle management of important information assets–from knowledge workers to legal associates to system administrators and, yes, Records Managers. You want all to follow the Records Management (RM) protocols laid out in your governance policies, but acting on those has often meant engaging in non-intuitive steps that are laborious and distracting. Adoption suffers, leading to increased compliance risk.

Solution: Go visual. Users will adopt—and adhere to—working in step with governance policies if their information governance (IG) tools are:

  • Easy to use, following the KISS principle
  • Quick to surface relevant information
  • Visually appealing (did you know that visuals are processed up to 60,000x faster than text?)

In this blog, we’ll show you (see the product demonstration video below) how easy it is for organizations to set up new visualization capabilities to enhance RM best practices.

Empower users with visual clues and reports

A key component of OpenText™ Content Suite, OpenText™ Records Management (RM) is made up of four modules: OpenText™ Classifications, OpenText Records Management, OpenText™ Physical Objects and OpenText™ Security Clearance. Together, they empower everyone in your organization to optimize the management of important information assets using simple, easy-to-adopt practices.

At-a-glance visualization with the OpenText Records Management Perspective.

One of these methods, new to OpenText RM with the release of EP4, is extending the Smart View to provide visual cues for:

  • Records detail
  • Official records and holds
  • Applying and removing holds and cross-references
  • Requesting and tracking borrowed physical items
  • Information governance status reports

Controlling the complete lifecycle of all enterprise information—from creation, sharing and protection to disposition—supported by visual indicators not only ensures regulatory compliance and reduces risks associated with audit and litigation, but also maximizes the value of the information to your business.

Watch this demo video of Records Management using Smart View (starts at 6:37 point) and see how easy it is to set up a custom landing page for a Records Manager.

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Kati Bujna

As the Product Marketing Manager for OpenText eDOCS and Decisiv, Kati supports eDOCS, a document and records management solution and Decisiv, an AI-powered, enterprise search solution, for legal, government, professional services industries inclusive of those with high touch, high value work product. She is responsible for global product and solution messaging and its implementation through all internal and external channels of communication. Kati brings over 15 years of experience within the Information Management industry, at OpenText and other technology companies. She is passionate about helping customers learn and benefit from product innovations for business. Connect at, via LinkedIn, the ILTA community, or at any upcoming OpenText digital user conference!

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