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People and products: Venu Kalla on OpenText Active Intelligence

Venugopal Kalla, better known to his colleagues and friends as Venu, is a Principal Engineer at OpenText. He’s been part of Team OpenText for ten years now, and today enjoys mentoring and supporting several teams and working on OpenText™ Active Intelligence.

In this Q&A, Venu reveals more about the work he does:

OT: What is OpenText Active Intelligence?

VK: Active Intelligence is a web‐based solution that our Business Network customers use to manage business data and process compliance with their clients. The solution allows our customers to automate complicated processes to save time and money, while reducing human error.

The software tracks business processes around the clock, which adds a lot of value. For example, customers can track any supply chain issues in real-time, rather than weeks or months later.

OT: What is your contribution to the product?

VK: We have a lot of big Enterprise clients at OpenText. My job is to analyze their requirements and develop solutions that meet their needs. With every customer, this looks very different as our solutions can be customized to fit unique workflows and processes.

OT: What’s on your roadmap for the next year?

VK: Some projects that come to mind involve making a mobile version of Active Intelligence, working on database partitioning, updating our software to Java 8, and extending the functionality of our products.

OT: What do you like most about working on Active Intelligence?

VK: I like how the product is architected on the backend, which makes the configuration more flexible. I can customize solutions easily to meet customer requirements and automate manual components of their work.

Beyond that, the team I’m working with is a very good group. All the team members are high performers, who are focused on achieving goals together. They are also very friendly, which makes every day more enjoyable.

OT: Besides for great teams and a flexible product, what else do you like about working at OpenText?

VK: I like that we get to work on new technologies here. This gives you the chance to advance your skill set and achieve your goals. The exposure I’ve gained through working at OpenText has improved my product design and development abilities, my knowledge of new technology stacks and domains, and my ability to convert client requirements into product functionality.

Oh! And we’ve just moved to a new building. It’s world-class… quite beautiful and full of great meeting spaces. There’s a gym and a very good cafeteria. It is a great place to work.

Lastly, but most importantly, I also enjoy the overall culture at OpenText. People are happy here and ready to work together to build something great.

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