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If you’re working in a web content management system (CMS) every day, it needs to function as you’d expect and be easy to use. That’s…

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November 28, 20184 minute read

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If you’re working in a web content management system (CMS) every day, it needs to function as you’d expect and be easy to use. That’s why OpenText has prioritized usability, along with new developer and partner tools, in its latest release of OpenTextTM TeamSiteTM.

Component browser

You will notice several improvements within the component browser and search within the template and page creation process.

To streamline your ability to find the components you need to place on a page, there is a new tree-based navigation. This allows components to be located within a structure users define to make template and page creation easier.  Additionally, the search bar itself is relocated to help focus on where you’re searching within the component navigation tree.

Another notable improvement in this release is direct access to Content Item (DCR) placement on a page. This means a user no longer needs to have a developer create a component with Content Items embedded before they can start placing Content Items on a template or page. You can simply insert a Content Item and TeamSite will take care of the plumbing automatically.

Along with having streamlined access to easily reusable content, you also have flexible control of the rendering of the Content Item being placed on a page. Rendering is now more flexible and allows for the upload of “skins” in supported rendering formats to display content directly from the component properties of the Content Item.

Refreshed campaign management

Knowing the importance of simplifying marketing campaign management, OpenText brought it into Experience Studio and removed the legacy “TeamSite” user interface. This modernized tool streamlines users’ workflow and includes improvements to approvals while creating campaign artifacts.

Enhanced page management

For those managing pages,  Experience Studio now has enhanced dependency management when pages are renamed or moved. We now give users full control over which dependencies they want TeamSite to automatically update, and which to set aside for manual updates, to account for complex, custom file management workflows. We’ve also added the ability to export both pre-update and post-update dependency lists so users can reliably manage and keep audit records of the update process.

ln-context editor enhancements

A new, standardized in-context editing tool is introduced in this version. Both standard and advanced formatting options are included for WYSIWYG editing and component properties editing.

Forms preview

To ensure high quality form delivery before taking content live, end-user forms can be previewed for accuracy from the Forms Designer using the supported rendering frameworks. This means you can now easily switch between “edit” and “preview” modes within the Forms Designer for rapid iteration on end-user forms development.


To start, there are two reporting name changes to take note of in this release: Basic Reports is now called Standard Reports and Report Center is now called Custom Reports. The Standard Reports moved from the Report Center into Experience Studio with 10 out-of-the-box Standard Reports.

Simplified installation experience

Updating to the latest release is now much faster. When you’re ready to make the move, there is a new streamlined installation pathway called “Typical”.  It uses standard configuration and defaulting configuration settings where possible to reduce approval panels. This speeds up installation without frequent interruptions for the most common installation path.

Docker automation in production

As we have done in recent releases, Docker scripts for TeamSite 16.2 and 16.3 are on OpenText Developer Network, with scripts for 16.4.1. coming soon at the time of writing this blog.

Along with all of the above, security is of paramount importance to OpenText. The team implemented several updates that are detailed in the release notes.

For more information about this release or TeamSite in general, please contact us through this form.

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