OpenText sets its sights on the Payments Canada Summit 2024 

Leading conversations on ISO 20022, AI, and the future of payments

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May 22, 20243 minute read

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We are excited to be a lead sponsor at the 2024 Payments Canada Summit! As we prepare for one of the most important events in payments, we understand that the financial services industry is undergoing significant changes, driven by standards like ISO 20022 and the rapid adoption of artificial intelligence. That’s why we’re committed to leading the discussion on these critical topics at The Summit. Join OpenText alongside an esteemed panel of industry experts, as we delve into real-world examples, insightful use cases, and thought leadership on these transformative subjects. 

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ISO 20022 is here to stay 

ISO 20022 has become a topic that cannot be ignored in any payments related discussion, offering a standardized framework for financial messaging. At OpenText, we recognize that as the industry evolves, so do the demands for interoperability, compliance, and seamless communication across borders. We’re attending The Summit to share our expertise on ISO 20022 and discuss how this standard can be leveraged to create a strategic advantage. In our session, “Turning ISO 20022 into a Competitive Advantage,” you’ll hear from numerous industry leading thought leaders on how they have navigated their ISO 20022 journey, and out of the box uses cases that have been leveraged to achieve greater efficiency and growth. 

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AI is transforming payments 

Artificial intelligence is no longer just a buzzword, it is a topic that is being brought to life in more ways than one within the payments industry. AI is changing the way payments are processed, analyzed, and delivered to customers. As a leader in AI-powered solutions, OpenText is at the forefront, leading the charge. At The Summit, we’re bringing our AI experts to discuss the latest innovations and explore how AI can streamline your operations and enhance customer experiences. Join us for our breakout session, “Making the Most of AI in Payments,” where we’ll dive into the practical applications of AI and demonstrate how it can give your organization a competitive edge. 

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These topics demand attention  

We understand the significance of addressing topics like ISO 20022 and AI, as both are poised to shape the future of payments. At OpenText, we are committed to providing products and solutions that empower banks and their clients to capitalize on the opportunities they present. Our presence at The Summit signifies our commitment to sharing our expertise, offering industry leading solutions, and collaborating with organizational leaders to deliver best in class experiences to banks and their corporate clients.  

Secure your spot and join the conversation 

Don’t miss your chance to connect with OpenText at the 2024 Payments Canada Summit! Visit us at Booth 7 and join our sessions to explore how our financial services solutions can support your journey.  

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