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Rethink customer interactions

Now more than ever, organizations fight to engage customers in a more crowded digital space while keeping pace with customer preferences and buying behaviors. Successful businesses are those that highlight the importance of engaging customer and employee experiences, earning loyalty, and turning customers into advocates. Participation in the “experience economy” means becoming more agile, more data-driven and more invested in delivering personalized, contextualized experience across every channel, while optimizing operations at scale.

As part of OpenText™ Cloud Editions 20.4, the OpenText Experience Cloud makes it faster, easier and more cost effective to adopt new capabilities, and accelerate digital transformation to deliver a completely personalized, contextualized, frictionless experience across every channel, built on first-party data.We are excited to announce a raft of new capabilities across the OpenText™ Experience Cloud including deeper integration capabilities, simplified cloud adoption, more AI-powered functionality, improved user experiences, and an unmatched breadth of capabilities for servicing the entire customer experience journey from marketing to customer service for B2C, B2B and B2E.

Our most recent announcement sees enhancements to OpenText™ Core Experience Insights (Customer Journey Insight Management), OpenText™ Exstream™ (Customer Communication Management), OpenText™ Media Management (Digital Asset Management), OpenText™ Hightail™ (creative collaboration), OpenText™ Qfiniti (Call Center Management), OpenText™ Digital Fax and a new communication solution with OpenText™ CX-E Voice.

Communications in the moment with OpenText Exstream

Businesses need to create and deliver communications that match – or exceed – customers’ expectations. OpenText Exstream offers improved communication orchestration capabilities and enables business users to author complex content with AI-assisted authoring.

Enhancements include:

  • Streamlined communications design and AI-assisted authoring
  • Integration with OpenText Core Experience Insights for Communication insight reporting
  • Integration with OpenText™ Notifications: cloud-based communication delivery, reporting, and tracking
  • Enhanced cloud input and omnichannel output support
  • New deployment method: Exstream Managed Services

Customer journey analytics with OpenText Core Experience Insights

Customer journey insights are vital to understanding and designing relevant customer experiences. Core Experience Insights is a SaaS solution that collects and analyses data from customer touchpoints, interactions, and other sources. Core Experience Insights offers AI-driven orchestration capabilities that understands complex states and can process events in real-time, giving businesses the power to fully coordinate customer interactions, across all channels, and deliver a true omnichannel, customer-centric experience.

Core Experience Insights allows to:

  • Captures event data from any source and triggers an orchestration event
  • Set orchestration timers for follow up actions
  • Create data analysis if a customer event doesn’t occur between stages within a journey
  • Pass user and segmentation data for better targeting

Drive the best content experiences with OpenText™ Media Management

Rich media is essential in the creation of compelling, personalized customer experiences, and vital to all teams in an organization, marketing and communications, but also to production and engineering departments. With OpenText Media Management, they can easily manage an ever-growing volume of assets, and benefit from the integration with other enterprise systems. The latest version of OpenText Media Management offers new capabilities to extend its use into the asset creation and revision process.

Improvements include:

  • Review and Annotation: Visual review and collaboration tools, including high-resolution “deep zoom” & no-code workflow design
  • Deployment Enhancements: Google Cloud Certification including Docker/Kubernetes Containerization
  • Integration Improvements: updated REST API, additional value from the Adobe Creative Cloud Connector through InDesign text search and Illustrator PDF generation.
  • Complex Microsites (Media Management Digital Hub): branded multi-page microsites using a selection of themes

Faster creative content collaboration with OpenText Hightail

OpenText Hightail is a cloud-based solution for creative teams that allows the easy sharing of large files, collection of feedback and seamless collaboration, all in a single place. Hightail is now accessible from any device: users can stay in the environment they know and increase their focus and productivity.

What’s new in Hightail:

  • Improved Notifications Management designed for large virtual teams
  • iOS app and Android App improvements bring feature parity to the mobile app experience
  • Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator plug-in updates

AI-driven real-time speech analytics with OpenText Qfiniti

Designed for contact centers, OpenText Qfiniti offers a unified experience to increase the interaction quality and reduce operating costs, through quality monitoring, liability recording, coaching and eLearning, performance management, and more. Qfiniti Live is a new AI-based module that offers real-time speech-to-text transcriptions, and real-time agent guidance. By providing sentiment analysis during live conversation, and suggesting relevant information, it helps increase agent efficiency through automation, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce costs.

Qfiniti Live brings the following innovations:

  • Real-time speech to text, transcriptions, and audio output via API
  • Delivered to customer desktop or Qfiniti applications
  • Task assistance, drives knowledge base content or real-time QA to guide agent behavior

To learn more, visit the Qfiniti website.

Empower workers everywhere with OpenText™CX-E Voice

New in the OpenText portfolio, OpenText™ CX-E Voice brings next generation voice applications to any communications environment that empowers the mobile and remote working employees. Deployed on-premises or in the Cloud, CX-E offers seamless integration with all major communications platforms – Avaya, Cisco, Microsoft, Mitel, NEC and more – complimenting any telephony and email infrastructure.

CX-E innovations include:

  • New Web Client for a better worker experience
  • Stand-alone Directory/Automated Attendant to lower operating costs
  • Windows Server 2019 for the latest updated support
  • Latest Nuance Speech Recognition, use the power of your voice to comply with hands-free driving laws
  • Click–to-Call from Transcription for user convenience

To learn more, visit the CX-E Voice website.

Secure Communication with OpenText™ Digital Fax

Digital fax is a secure, trackable and auditable form of information exchange that is easy to use, cost effective and integrates with enterprise applications. They offer every deployment option, on-premises, cloud-based, hybrid or as a fully managed service. OpenText™ Digital Fax solutions offer today an increase visibility, enhance device usability and improve fax automation and throughput.

Enhancements include:

To learn more, visit the Digital Fax solutions website.

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