Announcing OpenText AppWorks CE 20.4

Integrate information, automate processes and accelerate digital business

The events of 2020 have compelled organizations across every industry to rethink their approach to day-to-day operations, from workforce management to supply chains and customer interactions.

To support new ways of working, organizations need to drive efficiencies and place customer and employee experiences at the center of everything they do; building business applications at digital speed and enabling them to react and respond quickly to the unexpected.

OpenText™ AppWorks™ provides organizations with a low-code development platform, ideal for building smart, engaging and easy-to-deploy process automation and dynamic case management applications. With AppWorks CE 20.4, organizations can build and deploy the applications required to keep employees productive and engaged when adapting to working from home, providing access to information from any device, simplifying tasks, and matching consumer-like interfaces and usability.

Speed integration and customization for users and developers

AppWorks CE 20.4 delivers more customization and configuration capabilities for end users, including a more personalized and intuitive UI, scrollable layouts, easy navigation of large sets of information, simpler ways to create new records, and easier global application navigation.

AppWorks CE 20.4 now includes an automatically generated REST API for seamless integration with existing line-of-business systems and sharing entity data between applications.

Integrate with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools

Many organizations have invested in RPA, tools to automate routine, highly repetitive, manual tasks. With AppWorks CE 20.4, we’ve added an integration framework that will allow AppWorks to work with a customer’s RPA tool of choice. This strategy, which follows industry guidance, offers customers maximum flexibility when combining Dynamic Process Automation (DPA) and RPA, especially for organizations with RPA tools from multiple vendors.

AppWorks CE 20.4 supports out-of-the-box integration with UiPath, with more integrations to follow.

Accelerate case management application development

OpenText AppWorks CE 20.4 introduces a case accelerator program for the rapid development of case management applications. The program will support a variety of horizontal use-cases such as service requests, as well as industry-specific requirements and configurations.

Run anywhere

With AppWorks CE 20.2, we introduced a cloud-native architecture with simplified, automated deployment based on Docker and Kubernetes, making it easier and more cost effective to implement, maintain, and update digital process automation applications. With AppWorks CE 20.4, we’ve extended our cloud deployment capabilities by validating support for Amazon AWS, Google GCP and Microsoft Azure.

Support for FedRAMP

Finally, OpenText AppWorks CE 20.4 includes a host of enhancements to support Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) compliance. FedRAMP compliance is important to all US federal agencies looking to adopt cloud-based solutions, and provides confidence to commercial enterprises, state and local governments when choosing cloud solutions.

To learn more about OpenText AppWorks CE 20.4, visit our website.

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Dane Becker

Dane is a Senior Marketing Manager for Process and Applications, with over 25 years experience in managing and marketing software products and solutions. He is currently focused on launch and go-to-market activities for AppWorks, Digital Process Automation, Dynamic Case Management and Low-code Applications.

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