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Managing your digital assets

You’ve no doubt spent lots of time and money creating and curating high-quality digital assets. Now the question is: How do you manage the growing volumes of content?  How do you make it searchable? And how do you direct it to all of your various audiences while maintaining lifecycle control?

One portal to rule them all?

Our answer? Having the right digital asset management (DAM) software can help you organize, store and deliver rich media assets, such as images, videos, animations and podcasts. The best digital asset management software improves internal and external collaboration, automates repetitive tasks to free up creative teams and allows enterprises to access digital assets anytime, anywhere.

We recommend a solution that includes some or all of these capabilities:

  • The ability to allow a large internal audience (likely a field team such as sales or service teams) to access, read and consume approved assets and templates
  • A quick way to get project-related assets to trusted partners, with light branding such as a company logo in corporate colors
  • A way to provide reference assets to your creative agency and receive back finished work
  • Access to cloud file shares with single sign-on (SSO)
  • Digital asset management (DAM) that’s integrated with other systems, allowing you to consume your assets, and let users select only those assets that they are approved to access
  • A perfectly crafted customer-, consumer- or partner-facing experience
  • Full web content management (WCM) integration

Will a vanilla portal fit your needs?

If you’re thinking, “All that? That’s impossible!” think again.

OpenText™ Media Management and OpenText Professional Services can meet all of these needs with out-of-the-box features, cloud services and accelerators that provide a digital hub for field and partner access,  agency collaboration and cloud file sharing. In addition, our qualified and experienced experts can help you achieve a fast and effective implementation.

The OpenText Professional Services team has years of experience in implementing digital experiences and helping with user adoption strategies that are critical for establishing a successful solution that customers and employees will embrace. To learn more, contact us.

Author: Timothy Davis, Professional Services Consulting

OpenText Professional Services

OpenText Professional Services offers the largest pool of OpenText EIM product and solution certified experts in the world. They bring market-leading field experience, knowledge, and innovative creativity from experience spanning more than 25 years and over 40,000 engagements.

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