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The business world is repeatedly proving that cloud is fast, reliable, scalable and­ cost-effective. When it comes to greenfield cloud deployments, the business case for…

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July 8, 20215 minutes read

The business world is repeatedly proving that cloud is fast, reliable, scalable and­ cost-effective. When it comes to greenfield cloud deployments, the business case for deploying in the cloud is strong and compelling. However, the case is often not as clear for migrating an existing on-premises solution to the cloud.

Many businesses wrestle with deciding if the benefits of the cloud outweigh the work required to migrate. This uncertainty is often exacerbated by concerns over the perceived costs and risks of the migration process and can lead to not deciding. When businesses better understand what options are available, they can make an informed decision on the best approach.

Let’s review some common misconceptions and gain a better understanding of how OpenText as your trusted cloud partner can help demystify cloud migration.

Misconception 1: Keeping data on premises is safer than in the cloud

Security, privacy and compliance are important considerations when deploying applications, both on premises and in the cloud. Keeping data secure and compliant is a resource-intensive activity that requires specialized tools and expertise.

The advantage of being in the OpenText Cloud is that our experts become an extension of your security team. They manage security and privacy threats—24/7. They ensure that industry standards and data privacy obligations are met, and your business stays current with changing requirements.

Misconception 2: We will lose control of our application and our data once it is in the cloud

OpenText as your cloud partner is responsible for hosting the application and storing the data, but your business maintains control. Your data is your data, no matter what. Understanding different cloud deployment models (that is, private vs. public vs. hybrid), your organizational needs, and working with OpenText will help determine the right option for your business. To understand more about the flexibility of OpenText Cloud, read Future-proofing your business with the cloud.

Misconception 3: It’s cheaper to stay on premises

The business case for cloud migration starts with demonstrating a clear improvement in the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). It’s easy to overlook the many hidden costs that make operating on premises more expensive: allocating shared infrastructure components, operational maintenance, application upgrade and update cycles, security and privacy control overhead, and performance optimization. With OpenText, these responsibilities are included in your monthly operating budget, allowing you to adjust your resourcing and have predictable expenses.

Calculate your TCO with OpenText’s Cloud Value Calculator.

Misconception 4: We can’t take this on, my IT team doesn’t have the skills or time for cloud migration

Partnering with OpenText to help you migrate can help fill in your cloud skills gap. Our cloud experts have all the latest training and specialized skills that your business might be lacking. The team will assess, plan and execute the migration, as well as help with onboarding, to ensure implementation and go-live are seamless. This allows you to keep your IT team focused on the core competencies of your business. Read this article to help with strategies on bridging the gap in skills needed to migrate to the cloud.

Misconception 5: A standard migration will not suit my unique needs

There are flexible paths to cloud migration. When migrating with OpenText, the team will work with your organization to create a plan that meets your needs. OpenText offers three flexible options for migrating your Information Management (IM) solutions to the cloud:

  • Upgrade to Release CE—Organizations that are not ready—or are unable—to move to the cloud can remain on premises but upgrade to a cloud-native release. They will be in a better position to standardize and, where possible, remove complex customizations in preparation for a cloud future. Upgrading to a cloud-native release provides a modernized architecture and will make adopting feature updates faster, easier and more cost-effective. Learn about OpenText Cloud Editions.
  • Move to improve—Businesses can move to the cloud with cloud managed services at their own pace, without upgrading. They can begin to leverage some of the benefits of being in the cloud, such as a single service level agreement (SLA), streamlining processes and enhancing the accountability of the IM application while staying on their current software version.
  • Move to modernize—OpenText’s migration team will upgrade your applications as part of moving to the cloud. You will maximize the benefits of being in the cloud by using the latest application version to gain agility and fuel growth.

Learn about these options with OpenText’s cloud migration services.

There has never been a better time to start your cloud journey. Moving to the cloud improves security and privacy, ensures control of your data and helps you realize a lower TCO. OpenText will minimize migration downtime and create a plan that works for your business.

OpenText delivers the expertise and efficiency needed to support your digital transformation journey, allowing you to focus on business growth and excel in today’s digital economy. Are you ready to embark on your cloud journey? Contact us to speak with a cloud migration expert today.

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