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Introducing OpenText Experience CDP

Creating customers for life through better personalization

Effective personalization at scale is the holy grail of modern marketing. It is a powerful force for acquisition, retention, and increasing lifetime value. Making your customers feel like you understand them and their needs, providing content they care about, and anticipating what they want next isn’t easy. Achieving that goal with reasonable resources is even harder.

Personalization requires data, and lots of it. When data sources from across your organization are collated and reporting their insights to your various marketing tools, more relevant customer experiences become possible.

Making customer data consistent and accessible

The OpenText Experience Platform has just received a powerful new addition: OpenText™ Experience CDP. Created with co-innovation with Google, Experience CDP has the potential to change the game through centralizing customer data.

Experience CDP feeds a pipeline of data: your customer data, plus details from integrations with Google Marketing Platform through the entire customer journey from acquisition to retention. That means interactions from the front-end of the marketing funnel through downstream experiences are all empowered with insight. It’s easier to create personalized, cohesive customer journeys that increase conversion rates.

Experience CDP allows the creation of un-siloed unified customer profiles that follow your customers along their journey with your organization. With this profile, experiences can adapt in real time to deliver the right message to even niche audience segments, increasing conversion rates.

Control customer information with centralized governance

As customer data is often managed in silos, the risk of miscommunication increases. With Experience CDP, your organization can manage customer data and comply with regulations within a single system integrated with your front line applications. Experience CDP collects primarily first party data, guaranteeing that the data is accurate and obtained through consent.

What is Experience CDP?

  • The new Experience Platform release brings a brand-new set of capabilities as now incorporates a runtime CDP. The new OpenText Experience CDP capability brings a common data framework for unified real-time personalization on any channel, device, or mode of interaction, from unknown first-time site visitors to known and authenticated customers. The Experience CDP makes it even easier for marketing and business practitioners to create the personalized and cohesive customer journeys that will help to retain customers, grow revenue, and maximize brand or mission integrity. This enables brands to augment the experience relevance contributing to stand-out in the overall content overload world and therefore increasing overall conversion rates.
  • Deeply integrated with Google Marketing Audiences, the new Experience CDP is core to the new OpenText Experience Platform. It is the result of a co-innovation partnership with Google that takes personalization at scale to the next level to enable brands to deliver optimized, contextualized, and frictionless data-driven experiences for B2C, B2B and B2E.

What Experience CDP can do for you

Whether you’re already relying on OpenText Digital Experience solutions or are investigating a way to overhaul your environment to meet the market’s new demands for relevant, personalized communications and experiences, Experience CDP can pay serious dividends. Learn more today.

Author: Kyle O’Connor, Senior Marketing Product Manager

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