How to create quality content using the latest AI & ML tools

Wouldn’t it be magnificent if you could create quality content, which is intelligent and smart and at the same time make it rich using the…

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March 30, 20203 minute read

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Wouldn’t it be magnificent if you could create quality content, which is intelligent and smart and at the same time make it rich using the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) tools?

Intelligent content creation is a way to create content that can be semantically rich, reused, readapted and reconfigured by content marketers in a way that compellingly supports the organizations goal.

You must be thinking how would that help to create intelligent content?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning bring more automation, integrations and improved usability. We can get content out faster with smart content summaries, relevant in-context content suggestions and rich media analysis applied by auto-tagging images and videos with keywords and descriptions using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

With AI tools, content creation includes more strategies than instincts, which revolves around the needs of the audience, which again, is identified with the help of advanced marketing tools. Artificial Intelligence (AI) already is playing a significant role in the field of content marketing nowadays and is helping us all to automate processes at a time of immense content overload.

Artificial intelligence is also helping digital marketers decipher the ever-changing world of content marketing by analyzing user data and helping marketers make sense of user intent in 2020.

So, what can AI & ML do to help create intelligent content?

Content intelligence is about transforming data into actionable insights, which helps in developing content tactics and strategies. Look at the facts and you’ll know the major changes that AI will bring to your business growth.

Automatic Concept Extraction is a function that helps to identify meaningful terms and noun phrases from documents, using algorithms to extract core concepts and tag the relevant content & documents. Another such feature is Computerized Entity Extraction to locate and extract places, people, organizations and anything else with a name. This helps in conserving a lot of precious time by saving keying of content manually. Not only that it also helps improves the SEO score incredibly well.

The Auto Summarization helps find key sentences in content and use them to create a summary and streamlines a time-consuming manual task. Over and above function such as fully Automatic Multilingual Translation helps conserve the content creation time and in turn the go to market time gets reduced significantly while improving the customer experience at the same time.

Then there is Automatic Categorization which helps with the indexing and sorting of documents by category and identify relevancies, it also aids in analyzing the concepts and querying against extensible models and knowledge bases to create document profiles according to a defined taxonomy.

Another noteworthy feature that AI helps is computerized facial recognition, tagging and transliteration which enables the business users in the distribution of rich media assets (images, designs, video, audio, 3D) at scale across the digital ecosystem (partners, customers, staff, agencies) through enterprise-level search, usability, security, scalability and TCO while optimizing operations, risk, integrations and cost.

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Author:   Dhruvkumar Vastapara, Principal Architect, Professional Services- Center of Excellence

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