Gain the information advantage with a complete 360-degree customer view – Part 2

Part 2 - Delight customers with superior sales and customer service experiences

In part 1 of our blog series about gaining the information advantage with a complete 360-degree customer view, we discussed how better customer information management can boost operational efficiency and enables you to sell faster. Capture, manage, and deliver mission-critical documents to eliminate wasted time, duplicated work, and inefficient processes. It’s now time to dive into how to delight customers with superior sales and customer service experience!

In today’s unpredictable economy it has never been more important to create memorable experiences that nurture and build stronger relationships with customers. The market has become hyper-competitive and customer loyalty is critical not only for survival but for long-term sustainability. Customer information must be at the forefront of every business decision you make, no longer an afterthought.

How documents are captured, managed, and delivered within a Sales and Service organization is not only important to satisfy customer needs, but also to delight customers with great experiences that keep them coming back. This enhanced level of customer information management can set you apart from the competition.

59% of global consumers surveyed felt companies had lost touch with the human element of customer experience.
Experience is everything: Here’s how to get it right, PwC

Sales and Service teams must take a modern approach to information management

For Sales professionals, building relationships and gathering key insights to create new revenue opportunities are paramount in a fast-paced workday. Customer needs are their top priority. They are looking to get customers and prospects the right information quickly, and don’t have the time to track down document templates or missing information. Focused on bringing in new business, it’s critical that Sales teams have customer information management to support those efforts.

For Service professionals, providing excellent customer experiences is a top priority. Customer satisfaction is vital, and they must solve complex problems on the fly to meet these needs. With a complete 360-degree view of all customer information and related documents at their fingertips, Customer Service agents can provide customers with the right information at the right time. With swift, accurate and relevant responses to customer inquiries, interactions become more memorable for positive reasons, instead of negative experiences that can breed distrust in your brand.

How can your organization deliver a 360-degree view of customer information?

When it comes to Sales and Service functions within your organization, here are 4 quick tips for building a 360-degree view of customer information:

  1. Improve access to relevant information: Managing today’s high-paced digital information expectations is a challenge. Customers expect content and experiences to be fully connected and available at the right place and at the right time, saving precious time and frustration throughout the customer journey. Give Sales and Service teams access to all customer information in one central location, intelligently surfaced inside the CRM system, to help them support that seamless customer experience.
  2. Better manage customer communications: Impactful communication is key to nurturing relationships at all stages of customer engagement. Organizations must represent their brand message swiftly and clearly, connecting with customers with the right message to create positive experiences. Provide tools linked to customer information in your CRM system that can produce and automate fast high-quality and personalized communications directly to customers.
  3. Automate document processing: Not effectively aggregating and processing the intake of customer information in an automated and integrated way to classify and route it to the right place causes content chaos and delays for customers. Effectively capture and use intelligent document processing to help route data and documents to where the information needs to be so Sales and Service teams and CRM systems can leverage it. 
  4. Integrate enhanced content management with existing CRM systems: Storing related unstructured information disconnected from the customer’s transactional data in a CRM system causes inefficiencies and lost productivity. This can in turn result in security, legal and compliance risks if sensitive customer information is mishandled. Help users with a single 360-degree view of all related customer documents and data side by side, in a centralized and deeply connected folder structure embedded inside the CRM system.

How can your organization gain the information advantage to delight customers?

Bring people, processes, and content closer together with centralized customer information. A consolidated and complete view of the customer across the enterprise builds better sales processes and drives deeper insights that help surface more opportunities, generate greater customer loyalty, and build better relationships. A true 360-degree customer view must include not just real-time data from a CRM, but also, connected mission-critical content. Making all content connected and available on-demand to systems and users across the entire organization enables frictionless business processes to produce more customer engagement opportunities and exceptional service experiences.

With this enhanced customer view, sellers can make smarter and faster decisions to delight customers. Sales and Customer Service teams will no longer waste valuable time hunting across systems for the right version of a customer document.

OpenText is the industry leader in document and records management. With over 25 years of experience, we have deep insights into the information needs of today’s sales organizations. Our solutions for Salesforce connect all Sales and Service touchpoints for a full 360-degree customer view that enables outstanding customer service, increased sales performance, and on-brand customer communications.

Are you ready to achieve operational excellence and delight customers? Take these steps to gain the Information Advantage!

Step 1: Capture Information
Digitize the inbound processing of business content so sales and service agents have early visibility and can prioritize urgent, value-add tasks. Automating repetitive tasks streamlines processing, ensuring wait times and sales cycles are reduced to increase customer satisfaction.

Step 2: Manage Information
Produce a complete view of the customer across the enterprise, including structured and unstructured information, to improve sales and service processes. Achieving deeper insights into related content speeds up decision-making and generates more opportunities while promoting greater customer loyalty and memorable experiences.

Step 3: Deliver Information
Reduce sales and service response times, and generate pixel-perfect, personalized customer communications that nurture closer relationships, delight customers, and engage them at every step of the decision and service journey.

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As part of the OpenText Alliances & Solutions Marketing team focused on Salesforce integrations, Lee's goal is to help organizations explore how content enriched business processes are driving the information advantage.

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