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Taking relationships to the next level with omnichannel CCM

Targeted customer communications are a powerful way to increase engagement and build brand loyalty. Done poorly, they’re also an effective way to drive your audience away.  

Your audience is being bombarded by tons of messages every day and the problem is getting worse, not better. It’s easy for customers to switch off and start ignoring everything, even brands they like. By delivering ultra-personalized, relevant messages when and where your customers want them, you can cut through the noise and increase loyalty.  

KPI tracking and A/B testing have become bedrock best practices of customer outreach, but you can do even better. What if you could talk to your customers like you actually know them? Stop speaking AT your customers with broadcasts and start speaking TO them with targeted messaging in their preferred delivery channel.  

The personal touch 

People increasingly expect brands to speak to their hopes, wants, and needs rather than utilizing “one size fits all” messages. Key to meeting this expectation is collecting, tracking, and utilizing information about your customers.  

By building personal profiles for your customers, then directing that insight through a powerful customer communication management (CCM) solution, you can take things to the next level. This way the consumer only receives messages personally relevant to them, their buying patterns, and interests. 

Untangling the multi-vendor conundrum  

Today many organizations have one vendor for SMS, one for email, another for digital fax, another for CCM, etc. This fragmented messaging ecosystem is siloed and often isolated from other vital business systems, fracturing essential data you need to develop communications with insights. 

Managing multiple vendors and messaging platforms is cumbersome, with each bringing their own UX, SLA, billing, renewal schedule, support lines, and more. The result? Costly delays that affect customers’ experience and a company’s bottom line. 

The process can be simplified by replacing all these disparate threads with a single vendor. Omni-channel messaging solutions provide multiple methods of communication from an integrated single source, allowing your organization to communicate with customers, partners, and stakeholders in the ways in which they prefer.   

From communication design to delivery  

OpenText™ Notifications is a cloud-based, comprehensive omni-channel messaging platform that strengthens the message creation and delivery process with end-to-end visibility and control. It enables users to deliver essential communications via SMS, voice, email and fax based on the preference of the recipient. With a robust API that allows integrations for the widest range of back-end systems, including CRM and customer communication tools, users can tailor and target messages while ensuring they remain compliant and fully auditable.   

Notifications becomes an even more powerful tool when tightly integrated with OpenText Exstream™. This leading CCM solution allows organizations to field highly personalized, engaging customer experiences by leveraging the data and content they already have in nimble ways. In addition to facilitating personalized yet brand-consistent messaging across web properties, Exstream can field personalized communications via Notifications, even shifting sending methods based on failure-feedback.  

For example, if a customer’s phone number becomes invalid, causing an SMS text to fail, Exstream can automatically resend an appropriately formatted version of the same message to their email address on file. 

Revolutionize your customer communications with OpenText 

With results-driven metrics, visibility, tracking between the systems, the Notifications + Exstream combo gives organizations the tools they need to personalize all their customer communications at scale for increased engagement. In the process they also simplify messaging workflows and infrastructure, reducing costs and concept to deployment lead times. 

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