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Organizations that create software and equipment for use in hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities have a responsibility to ensure that only code and components…

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September 19, 20194 minute read

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Organizations that create software and equipment for use in hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities have a responsibility to ensure that only code and components of the highest caliber are used in their products and solutions.

OpenText™ technologies are trusted by companies across the most regulated industries. Companies within healthcare – whether it is hospitals, insurance companies, diagnostics, or other service providers – all depend on OpenText products and solutions to operate. Nowhere is this trust more apparent than in our OEM customer-base where OpenText OEM Partners use our technology in their own products and services.

For example, OpenText OEM technology is deployed within healthcare solutions such as:

  • Diagnostic solutions, providing the front-end forms for users to input data
  • Billing and on-boarding processes for hospitals and outpatient centers
  • Part of insurance reconciliation and processing for both payers and providers

Our OEM Partners rely on the broad selection of OpenText products and solutions to add critical information management capabilities that are outside of their own developmental wheel-house.

AppEnhancer Provides the Content Management Backbone for EHR Platforms

At its core, OpenText™ AppEnhancer (formerly known as ApplicationXtender) is a content services solution that electronically stores, organizes, and manages virtually any kind of content. However, AppEnhancer also comes with unique capture capabilities and connectors that allow it to work seamlessly with other capture solutions. These combined features allow AppEnhancer to enable the management of documents and extraction of data within those documents to databases.

AppEnhancer was built with processes in mind. It is ideal for organizations that have documents coming in with multiple processes—for example, scheduling and billing; a common pair of use cases in the healthcare industry. In fact, AppEnhancer works in a variety of content management use cases across healthcare, including both administrative (Accounts Payable, Billing, Human Resources, etc.) and clinical (EHR, Patient Care, etc.).

Of special note to healthcare software providers is the fact that AppEnhancer is easy to integrate into applications as a back-end service. This means CTOs and product managers can easily extend these capabilities to their own products, and many already are.

For example, Cerner is a technology company serving the intersection of healthcare and information technologies. Cerner’s Millennium solution is an EHR platform that provides an enterprise-wide view of patient care at the point at which care was delivered, meaning healthcare practitioners don’t have to enter an extra system to enter and find the data they need—a major convenience and driver of improved patient care.

This is achieved in part through the partnership Cerner has with the OpenText OEM Program. Cerner embeds AppEnhancer as a module—Content360—within Millennium to enhance content management and capture capabilities.

To learn more about the Cerner / OpenText partnership, be sure to visit our booth at Cerner Health Conference October 7–9, 2019 in Kansas City.

Embed the Entire OpenText OEM Product Portfolio

The OpenText OEM product portfolio goes beyond capabilities that enable you to capture, digitize, process, and automate information in your solutions. With OpenText, you can readily white-label and embed capabilities from any stage in the information lifecycle directly into your product.

Choose from one, or any combination, of the following seven OpenText OEM Solution Areas:

OpenText OEM Solution Areas are comprised of world-class information management products. For more information on our OEM products, please read this blog.

Learn More

Whether you are an end user in need of information management technology or a software vendor selling information management technology, OpenText has a solution that’s right for you. Start embedding or white-labeling our products by contacting the OpenText OEM Team today.

Learn about our entire line of embeddable products for OpenText OEM Partners here, and read more about the OpenText OEM Partner Program here.

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