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Digitizing data to build a talented workforce

Data – whether it is client, vendor, enterprise or consumer – has become the lifeblood of global business.

And nearly a year after the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force, the way in which organizations store, handle and use data has emerged as a priority. With the added uncertainty of Brexit and other political upheavals, we have the additional challenges of workforce management, talent retention issues and a responsibility to reassure employees their data is in safe hands.

This article draws on the insights and looks at how to leverage solutions from a Roundtable event OpenText™ recently hosted, which brought industry thought leaders together to discuss all these challenges.

Digital technology provides a path through political uncertainty

It’s undeniable that Brexit will have major implications for businesses and talent management strategies. That means having the right technologies in place to help employees and customers navigate their way through regulatory and data compliance changes that will come.

If the current situation relating to free movement of people does change across Europe, we need to leverage enterprise technologies, such as document management tools, to enable us to continue to work virtually and seamlessly across borders.

During this period of uncertainty in Europe, the UK’s hiring confidence is dropping according to Recruitment & Employment Confederation’s (REC) latest Jobs Outlook. Half of businesses report concerns about finding candidates to fill full-time positions.

That was certainly a concern echoed at the Roundtable gathering. In the longer-term, the generalized digital disruption and fierce competition for tech talent are the number one concerns. One organization described how they were forced to train up graduates to plug the skills gap in data security due to the lack of experienced IT candidates.

How can we leverage technology to navigate the digital landscape?

Whatever the challenges in HR, the regulatory environment around data management, the digital transformation of the workplace and new technologies are at the center of most organization’s long-term strategies for workforce management. These technologies open up new opportunities to leverage data and improve workforce management – and the strategies and tools your organization chooses now will determine your post-Brexit success.

Today’s evolving workplace and digital landscape require greater agility than ever before to respond to circumstances as they emerge – and as effectively and rapidly as possible. Your main asset, of course, is your talent – the people that shape the execution of these strategies and ultimately determine their success or failure.

We have to implement those strategies as effectively and seamlessly as possible to optimize your people for today and prepare them for tomorrow – whatever shape that tomorrow may take.

The question is, how do you digitize data and content to build a productive, highly talented workforce? A connected and intelligent HR system will differentiate you from the competition. Organizations which still rely on manual, paper-based employee processes are at a disadvantage.

The strategies and tools that companies choose to negotiate this longer term “bend in the road” will determine their success both in the run-up to Brexit and beyond.

Workforce management reimagined

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