Announcing OpenText Experience Cloud CE 21.2

Customers are demanding efficiency, immediacy, transparency, and universal engagement across channels. They’re putting major pressure on organizations to deliver more and more modern experiences, with…

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April 14, 20215 minute read

Customers are demanding efficiency, immediacy, transparency, and universal engagement across channels. They’re putting major pressure on organizations to deliver more and more modern experiences, with high penalties for failure. Poor customer service causes consumers to abandon purchases they intended to make, translating to $75 billion in lost sales each year.

OpenText Digital Experience tools continue to evolve to make delivering a better experience ever more achievable and efficient. The recently announced OpenText Experience Cloud CE 21.2 brings exciting enhancements to further empower organizations to deliver personalized experiences, at scale, across all channels.

New capabilities delivered as part of OpenText Experience Cloud CE 21.2 include:

  •  OpenText™ Exstream™: Enhanced personalization, content management and omnichannel capabilities, and Exstream Rationalization.
  • OpenText™ Media Management: New video mark-up and spinset preview features to create and collaborate on assets for omnichannel experiences easier and faster.
  • OpenText™ RightFax™: New capture-driven workflows for automating fax data extraction and supercharging fax-based business processes.
  • OpenText™ CX-E Voice: Integration with Microsoft Teams to deliver best-in-class voicemail, unified messaging, speech automated attendant, and personal assistant to Teams Phone System.
  • OpenText™ Qfiniti: Qfiniti contact center analytics for Twilio Flex increase agents’ productivity and the quality of customer engagement

More personalized customer communications across all channels

OpenText Exstream CE 21.2 boosts its omnichannel capabilities for SMS and has improved communication orchestration. This release also brings key improvements in automated content authoring, and introduces rationalization capabilities to streamline communication templates and simplify migrations to Exstream CE:

Enhancements include:

  • Additional input and output channels: GCP, Notifications, FTPs
  • New Sorting and bundling to optimize mailing operations
  • Assured delivery capability
  • Continued shift of Design Manager desktop features into Communications Designer
  • Experience Platform integrations for Customer Communications
  • Intelligent Automation and AI – new multilingual support for Assisted Authoring
  • GCP native storage support
  • Exstream CE available as a Managed Service

To learn more, visit the OpenText™ Exstream website.

New capabilities for seamless collaboration in OpenText Media Management

Teams trying to meet increasing rich media demands are faced with problems that impact their productivity: vital capabilities spread across multiple software applications and team members spread across multiple locations. OpenText Media Management CE 21.2 includes new capabilities to ease managing an ever-growing volume of assets, including improved collaborative tools and integration with other enterprise systems.

Enhancements include:

  • Video mark-up and annotation: Play, pause, mark up and comment on video assets as part of an approval workflow
  • 360 spin set previews
  • Ability for administrators to post messages and alerts onto users’ homepages
  • UI Widget: Embed a view of media assets with smart recommendations within other authoring applications

To learn more, visit the OpenText Media Management website.

Get more from your Microsoft Teams investment with OpenText CX-E Voice

OpenText™ CX-E Voice brings next-generation voice applications to communications environments (Avaya, Cisco, Microsoft, Mitel, NEC, and more) – complimenting any telephony and email infrastructure.

CE 21.2 adds integration with Microsoft Teams Phone System, making CX-E the only Microsoft Teams-compatible voice application that covers the entire phone network, delivering best-in-class voicemail, unified messaging, speech automated attendant and personal assistant. This facilitates gradual cloud migration, protecting existing investments, by enabling mixed deployment between on-premises and cloud solutions.

To learn more, visit OpenText CX-E Voice.

Supercharge fax-based business processes with OpenText RightFax

OpenText™ RightFax is the leading enterprise digital fax solution, relied upon by customers to maintain the secure flow of private and regulated information. CE 21.2 further increases workflow automation, EHR integrations, and API availability.

Enhancements include:

  • Automated fax data extraction with Intelligent Workflows: Built-in capture technology scans and extracts data trapped in faxes, automatically routing documents to the right system or team members
  • New certified integration with Allscripts EHR: Simplifies secure patient information exchange for healthcare providers using Allscripts Professional and TouchWorks EHR. It improves productivity by automatically routing inbound faxes to users, groups and back-end systems
  • Easy API amplification with extensive sample code and documentation make it easier than ever to develop custom solutions, simplified development via Postman language agnostic framework, and new expansive SDK for REST API

To learn more, visit the digital fax solutions website.

Enhance CCaaS with workforce optimization capabilities in OpenText Qfiniti

Companies are increasingly adopting CCaaS telephony solutions to transform their legacy telephony systems. Research shows that cloud-based call centers are 83% more likely to have a formal process for assessing agent productivity and average a 4.5% customer abandonment rate (compared to a 6.2% rate for on-premise contact centers). OpenText™ Qfiniti CE 21.2 enhances CCaaS solutions by bringing in advanced QA functionalities.

Enhancements include:

  • Real-time voice transcription and real-time speech analytic services in the cloud to improve contact center performance
  • Autoscoring, evaluations, compliance plans and more for all your agents
  • Data analytics on calls through transcript and sentiment analysis
  • Surveys: Leverage Qfiniti Survey to ingest a contact list form and source customer information. Surveys URLs can be delivered across any platform or modality (email or SMS)

To learn more, visit the OpenText Qfiniti website.

Customer journey analytics with OpenText Core Experience Insights

Customer journey insights are vital to understanding and designing relevant customer experiences. OpenText™ Core Experience Insights is a SaaS solution that collects and analyses data from customer touchpoints, interactions, and other sources. Core Experience Insights offers AI-driven orchestration capabilities that understands complex states and can process events in real-time, giving businesses the power to fully coordinate customer interactions, across all channels, and deliver a true omnichannel, customer-centric experience.

Enhancements include:

  • Creation of journeys, analyses, and orchestrations in a single interface for an improved user experience
  • Capturing and federating customer event data from multiple sources
  • New dashboards enabling insights in complex solution data, customer views and A/B testing
  • Drilling down on event attributes and customer demographics with custom analysis
  • Security attributes to classify, anonymize and redact customer PII or other sensitive data

To learn more, visit the Core Experience Insights website.

Learn more

OpenText Experience makes it easier to deliver amazing customer experiences. Let our experts work with you to assess your current environment and prepare recommendations for a successful upgrade, whether on-premises, in the OpenText Cloud, in other companies’ clouds, or in a hybrid deployment.

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