Announcing OpenText CE 21.2 for Digital Process Automation

Accelerating transformation with no-code and low-code process automation

In a matter of months, the pandemic confirmed what business leaders have been forecasting for years: the future belongs to digital, data-driven organizations. With the shift to remote work and manual steps breaking business processes, many businesses had to kickstart their digital transformation. This prompted a large-scale move towards cloud-based applications and a focus on automation.  

Cloud-based automation applications help organizations streamline processes around customer and employee needs, without being held back by outdated infrastructure. With 93% of companies reporting that their existence is jeopardized by operating models that can’t keep pace, these applications provide a seamless, cost-effective option for accelerating digital agendas.

With OpenText™ Cloud Editions (CE) 21.2, organizations can drive efficiencies and place customer and employee experiences at the center of everything they do, building business applications at digital speed and enabling them to react and respond quickly to the unexpected.

Next-generation, dynamic case management cloud application

With CE 21.2, OpenText announces OpenText™ Core Case Management, a no-code, SaaS application that automates dynamic, collaborative, case-based work for smarter decision-making, faster case resolution and improved customer and employee experiences. It reduces the effort involved in creating, tracking and managing cases, automates the collection of information from diverse sources, and facilitates collaboration. Pre-configured templates support common horizontal use cases in IT, HR, and Finance to accelerate time to value.

Core Case Management integrates with OpenText™ Core Content, OpenText’s next-generation SaaS Content Services Platform (CSP) to power modern work. Application capabilities features and integrations will continue to expand every 90 days with subsequent releases.

Simplified contract authoring experience

OpenText™ Contract Center transforms contract management by centralizing, automating and prioritizing all contract-related activities. CE 21.2 enhancements simplify the user experience, improve usability and increase visibility across the application. The innovations in CE 21.2 help simplify contract authoring with enhanced full-text search capabilities for contract metadata and content in OpenText™ Content Suite. Users can also gain better visibility into contract list views and easily identify multiple, functional stakeholders associated with a contract and their respective role.

Enhanced low-code platform usability

OpenText™ AppWorks™, OpenText’s low-code, cloud-native, digital process automation platform, maximizes the value of information and drives efficiency by automating business processes, enabling better decision-making, and improving employee, partner and customer experiences.

CE 21.2 includes enhancements in responsive configuration and display of grids, form rendering performance, reduced clicks for streamlined development, and integration with OpenText™ Intelligent Viewing, a cloud-first universal file viewing solution which offers secure viewing and collaboration. Also, to improve the usability of OpenText Contract Center — built with OpenText AppWorks — a tighter integration with  OpenText™ Extended ECM makes emails and other content stored within Extended ECM available for viewing within the content workspace preview panel.

Finally, the AppWorks Case Accelerator adds a new import utility enabling administrators to quickly implement pre-configured, business, and vertical Quick Start packages for faster time to value. 

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To learn more about the digital process automation enhancements in CE 21.2, visit our website.

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Lori McKellar

Lori McKellar is the Senior Director of Product Marketing for OpenText. She focuses on products, solutions and services related to AI, Analytics, Low-code development and Process Automation, that help organizations increase automation, operational efficiencies and maximize revenue. She brings over twenty years’ experience in selling and marketing enterprise software in information management.

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