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Three Ways to a Stronger Contact Center & Marketing Relationship

Contact centers don’’t always have the most symbiotic relationship with corporate product and marketing departments, but they should. Most often the contact center is viewed as an expense instead of a gold mine of actionable insights.

Here are three ways to put your contact center on its way to a more fruitful relationship with your marketing and product peers:

  1. Provide frontline feedback. Before marketing material hits the presses, web or social, offer to have a few agents who focused on, or are experienced in, those product or service areas review the material
  2. Become a testing ground. Looking to launch a new product or service? Offer to have some experienced agents give their two cents. It will be much more impactful than a wall full of sticky notes at a caffeine fueled brainstorming session
  3. Invite them to eavesdrop. Invite marketers to the contact center to listen in on calls on areas of interest. Or, better yet, sit them right next to an agent to foster deeper interaction. This also helps to build credibility in the depth of the agents knowledge

These are three quick ways to establish credibility with your product and marketing allies. The important step here is becoming a partner to their efforts and establishing credibility.

Further, all the ways listed above become all the more powerful when blended with automated Voice of the Customer functionality found in OpenText™ Explore, a multichannel analytics tool.


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