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What’s new in OpenText RightFax EP6

OpenText is pleased to announce that OpenText™ RightFax™ 16 Enhancement Pack 6 is now available for download. The latest version for RightFax is packed with new features and functionality designed to simplify a RightFax environment, facilitate compliance and security, increase productivity, and improve the administrative and user experience.

RightFax workflows

A new client-based feature, RightFax Workflows enable faster processing of inbound and outbound faxes via custom, self-service workflows. Benefits include:

  • Improves fax processing times
  • Eliminates the need for a shared inbox
  • Provides quick way to tag or add metadata to a fax
  • Ideally suited to organizations without a capture solution that need to add tags or metadata to a fax

Automated Library Documents

Many companies require the inclusion of certain text (such as a legal notice) on all outbound messages. However, this text is often too long for coversheets. RightFax 16 EP6 eliminates this issue with the new Automated Library Documents feature that automatically inserts required text between a coversheet and fax body pages.

This will ensure that companies can use coversheets for traditional purposes while maintaining the integrity of the fax body content and thus allowing for the insertion of required text.

Managed services web-based reporting

RightFax 16 EP6 includes a new fully-featured web-based Enterprise Fax Reporter that provides reports specific to RightFax Managed Services environments. This allows administrators to easily detect or identify suspicious activities such as excessive login attempts. Administrators receive prompt notification of suspicious activities.

Time of day routing

Prior to RightFax 16 EP6, RightFax Connect customers did not have the ability to route faxes at a specific time or range. A new feature called Time of Day Routing provides the ability to route faxes at a specific time or range. This makes it easy to schedule large faxes after business hours, thus ensuring maximum channel availability during normal business hours.

High resolution fax

Lower resolution faxes can be difficult to read, and OCR can be problematic. New in RightFax 16 EP6 is high resolution faxing. This feature provides the option to increase fax page resolution to 400×400. The benefits include significantly improved document quality and readability,  more accurate OCR, and allows organizations to send complex documents with many fields such as clinical admissions forms with ease.

RightFax visual history and user avatar

The RightFax desktop client (FaxUtil) includes a new fax visual history and user avatar. Users can upload an avatar image to represent their user profile and visual history records provide a quick and simple way to conduct fax audits. This can simplify troubleshooting and auditing while improving FaxUtil usability.

RightFax Connect Web Portal updates

We’ve improved the RightFax Connect Web Portal by providing a fully-functional portal experience, more self-service functionality and an interface update that matches the OpenText MyPortal design.

This ensures RightFax Connect users will have access to jobs, reports, and associated administrative tasks such as preferences, fax and DID management, users and blocks.

Outbound OCR

Compliance and security are understandably top of mind for all IT and business leaders. We’ve developed a new Outbound OCR feature that prevents the transmission of faxes that contain prohibited text. Blocked faxes are logged to the history record (see image below) with status of ‘blocked by prohibited content’. This new feature facilitates compliance with organizational policy and security measures.

Secure Active Directory User Synchronization

One of the key development drivers for RightFax 16 EP6 is security. We thus invested considerable resources in developing new or enhancing existing features centered on security. New in RightFax 16 EP6 is an enhanced RightFax Synchronization module that now support TLS and certificate-based communication to LDAP sources. This provides the highest level of security to ensure that all information passed between RightFax and Active Directory will be encrypted and protected.

Learn more:

For more information on other features and functionality included in this release, please refer to the Release Notes for RightFax 16 Enhancement Pack 6 on OpenText My Support (login required).

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Erik Enderson

Erik Enderson is a Senior Manager, Product Marketing for the OpenText Business Network division. He has more than 18 years of experience in the B2B technology sector and 10 years of experience with OpenText fax solutions.

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