What’s new about the latest release of OpenText RightFax?

The latest release of OpenText™ RightFax™, RightFax 16 Enhancement Pack 4 (EP4) is packed with new features, functionality and add-on-modules designed to simplify your environment,…

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July 16, 20185 minute read

The latest release of OpenText™ RightFax™, RightFax 16 Enhancement Pack 4 (EP4) is packed with new features, functionality and add-on-modules designed to simplify your environment, add new visibility to traffic and improve the administrative and user experience.

This release:

  • Increases usability for both users and administrators
  • Improves administrative visibility into the health of their RightFax environment
  • Lowers risk and improves compliance with new archiving tools and secure FoIP connectivity

Web-based user client

This new release includes a new user client, RightFax FaxUtil Web designed to provide a full-featured, web-based user experience. RightFax FaxUtil Web offers all the functionality of RightFax FaxUtil, but as a thin client that eliminates the administrative burden of managing a Windows-based RightFax user client.

The intuitive navigation makes RightFax FaxUtil Web easy to use, improving end user mobility with anytime/anywhere access from a web browser.

RightFax Archive

RightFax 16 EP 4 includes RightFax Archive, an add-on module to RightFax installations that keeps all faxes within RightFax. RightFax Archive provides an integrated archiving tool that allows administrators to maintain their fax content within the RightFax system without degrading the performance of RightFax or the use of third party or separate archiving tools.

This native archiving tool allows users to keep their faxes in their inbox indefinitely or as long as their organization’s retention policy requires. The RightFax Archive add-on module also maintains all existing access controls and permission-based access for archived faxes, using RightFax Aging to archive faxes automatically once the configurable age threshold is reached.

RightFax Archive improves accessibility to archived fax documents right within a user’s RightFax inbox without the need to access separate archiving tools. Users can also utilize search functionality within the archive folder in RightFax FaxUtil and RightFax FaxUtil Web.

RightFax SMS Service

Although RightFax has long been SMS-capable, this new release makes it even easier to implement and use SMS! This innovative add-on allows users to send SMS messages as part of a workflows or business process.

RightFax SMS Service can leverage existing integrations with EMR, ERP or CRM systems to send notifications as needed. Whether sending a shipping change notice, order confirmation or patient appointment reminder, this add-on makes integrated SMS messaging simple. Administrators can also set up administrative alerts for event notifications regarding their RightFax system.

RightFax Analytics improvements

We’ve improved and enhanced RightFax Analytics previously released in RightFax 16 EP 2!

RightFax Analytics provides easy access to meaningful data and enables users to quickly evaluate messaging activity, allowing them to monitor and investigate messaging activity for mission critical applications, understand enterprise use and faxing trends and observe and respond to unacceptable message delivery rates.

RightFax Analytics can now be extended to non-administrative users based on permissions, thereby allowing visibility and access to the rich metrics within RightFax Analytics.

The second innovation for RightFax Analytics is visibility into channel utilization. Administrators can now quickly and easily determine channel saturation and identify potential bandwidth issues in the system.

The third innovation is that the service now provides up to one full year of data. From the dashboard, administrators or users with access to the tool can drill down into the details, down to a single fax’s detail if necessary.

RightFax Analytics provides a quick-view, configurable dashboard that visually conveys data for up to one year in all four categories:

  • Fax Volume Counts: Summarizes total fax counts by month, day or hour.
  • Send Attempts: Views the success and failure rates for faxes, including the ability to see first call success rate, failure rate and detailed failure reason
  • Fax Page Counts:Summarizes total fax pages by month, day or hour
  • Channel Utilization: Shows the maximum utilization of channels for both sending and receiving

RightFax Secure FoIP Channels

When utilizing Fax over IP (FoIP), the new RightFax Secure FoIP channels secures and encrypts fax traffic within the firewall. This new channel option introduces support for TLS over SIP, where TLS provides endpoint authentication by using mutual or two-way authentication on a hop-by-hop basis.

RightFax organizations can upgrade their existing RightFax FoIP channels to RightFax Secure FoIP channels. Depending on their telephony infrastructure and security requirements, new RightFax customers have many channel options, including traditional hardware-based fax boards, RightFax FoIP channels and RightFax Secure FoIP channels.

RightFax Capture

This release introduces a new integration between RightFax and OpenText Cloud Capture service. Cloud Capture services are now able to communicate with a RightFax server to receive inbound faxes and apply optical character recognition to the fax’s content to extract data or route based on bar code data.

By combining fax and capture technology, organizations can automate content receipt, extracting and converting content into data and ingesting it automatically into back-end systems. RightFax Capture transforms what was previously a standalone fax service into an integrated, key component of workflow automation. This service requires the use of RightFax Connect cloud-based telephony for RightFax.

RightFax eBusiness License

This release introduces new functionality that allows organizations to privately share their server capacity with other business entities and affiliates through “Exclusive Groups” available with the RightFax eBusiness License. The RightFax eBusiness License allows organizations to provide fax services with included privacy for an unlimited number of affiliate business partners.

The RightFax eBusiness License is sold in blocks of 10. Each eBusiness license will allow you to create 10 privatized “Exclusive Groups” and provide your RightFax server with multi-tenancy functionality. The RightFax eBusiness License is a standard RightFax add-on with on-premises telephony configurations as well as RightFax Connect availability. Organizations can add the RightFax eBusiness License to any RightFax server configuration.

Ready for more?

For more information on other features and functionality included in this release, please refer to the Release Notes for RightFax 16 Enhancement Pack 4 on OpenText My Support (login required).

Now we are busy innovating and developing the next release of RightFax for Spring, 2019!

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