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At Enterprise World 2019 in Toronto, our CEO and CTO Mark Barrenechea announced OpenText’s expanded strategic partnership with Google Cloud. The announcement marks a major…

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July 29, 20194 minutes read

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At Enterprise World 2019 in Toronto, our CEO and CTO Mark Barrenechea announced OpenText’s expanded strategic partnership with Google Cloud. The announcement marks a major inflection point in the evolution of our cloud business at OpenText™ and solidifies our relationship with Google.

But what does this mean for OpenText customers?  Let’s unpack the details.

The Power of Preferred Partners

OpenText has named Google Cloud its preferred partner for enterprise cloud, and Google Cloud has selected OpenText as its preferred partner for Enterprise Information Management (EIM) Services.

This means that while we continue to enable broad customer choice under the OpenText Anywhere program, the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is our preferred hyperscaler cloud option. The announcement includes new partnerships, services and product integrations designed to help customers move critical EIM workloads to Google Cloud.

The core message in this partnership? Industry-leading EIM applications and expert Managed Services from OpenText + world-class cloud infrastructure and intelligent services from Google = massive customer benefit.

Expanded Managed Services on GCP

Hundreds of customers trust OpenText to deploy, operate, manage and maintain business-critical EIM applications running in the OpenText Cloud. We are extending that same high-value Enterprise Managed Services (EMS) offering to the GCP.

This significant expansion of cloud managed services is made possible by the availability of containerized versions of our products. Containers enable us to install products more quickly, monitor them more extensively, and update them more easily with new levels of intelligent automation. The powerful “Never Upgrade Again” message of OpenText Release CE (Cloud Edition) relies on containerization and the ability it gives us to separate customizations from the base application in customer deployments.

Coming in fall 2019, OpenText Release 16 EP7 will include the first five products to be containerized for deployment on GCP, including our leading Enterprise Content Services offerings for archiving and document management. We are now able to offer these products as a managed service deployment in the Google Cloud with the same service level scope and commitment that we deliver to customers today in the OpenText Cloud. These first five products will be followed by more containerized releases in the lead-up to Release CE’s general availability date in April 2020.

As the list of containerized applications grows so does the opportunity to deploy EIM solutions in multiple clouds as a fully managed service. Anthos is the Google orchestration technology that we’re using to deploy and manage containerized EIM workloads in the OpenText Cloud, on GCP, and potentially in Azure and AWS as required.

More Disaster Recovery Service Options

Many OpenText Cloud customers located outside of the data zones serviced from our EMEA and USA twin data centers – such as customers in Canada and Australia – require their data to remain in-country. Our Google Cloud partnership enables us to expand our offerings and provide customers with a multi-cloud DR service, with the primary deployment in the OpenText data center and the DR instance running on GCP.

Massive Customer Benefit

The Google partnership announcement unveils a product co-innovation agenda that will extend the value that our customers derive from OpenText products with the addition of new services from Google. The service integrations will extend the capabilities of OpenText products in ways that can help our customers unlock the full value of their data and create an information advantage. Going forward, we’ll combine Google AI services with OpenText™ Magellan™ AI to ensure customers have the right analytics to solve their specific business problem. We demoed at Enterprise World that we can use Google services like the transcription and translation services to add more intelligence to our own Content Services. And we’ll integrate our portfolio of products with G Suite to create a seamless experience with various EIM activities.

I echo the sentiments that Rob Enslin, global head of sales at Google Cloud, shared in this blog post about the partnership with OpenText. We’re so excited for this transformative partnership with Google and can’t wait to bring these innovations to our joint customers.

You can read more about the partnership in our press release.

Join us on this amazing journey as we help our customers move their critical EIM workloads to the Google Cloud!

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