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Transform your call center into a revenue-generating powerhouse with agent experience management

By prioritizing enhancement of the agent experience, call centers can unlock their potential to deliver outstanding customer service, drive sales, and achieve revenue growth. This approach recognizes that investing in the well-being and empowerment of call center agents can have a direct impact on the overall success of the organization.

By providing agents with the necessary tools, training, and support, they can deliver exceptional customer support, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. Additionally, when agents feel valued and motivated, they are more likely to upsell or cross-sell products and services, resulting in higher sales and revenue for the organization. Thus, optimizing the agent experience not only benefits the agents themselves but also contributes to the overall profitability and success of the call center. 

Here’s how OpenText™ can help you achieve revenue growth in your call center: 

Sales and upselling opportunities:

By providing your agents with comprehensive product knowledge and personalized customer insights, agents can better identify upselling and cross-selling opportunities during customer interactions. Ensure that every agent becomes a proactive sales advocate, driving revenue growth with each conversation. 

Customer retention and loyalty:

Delighted customers are more likely to remain loyal and continue purchasing from your company. Agents can focus on creating exceptional customer experiences that build strong relationships and foster customer loyalty.  

Data-driven decision making:

Better leverage data analytics to gain valuable insights into customer behavior, preferences, and buying patterns. By analyzing this data, you can make informed decisions, optimize your sales strategies, and drive revenue growth by aligning your offerings with customer needs.  

Focusing on optimizing the agent experience to drive exceptional customer service, increased sales, and revenue growth can untap the potential of call centers to not only provide excellent customer support but also generate revenue for your organization. Unlock your call center’s revenue potential with OpenText.

Steve Graff

As chief technical architect for OpenText’s Contact Center Management solution, Steven Graff drives the overall strategic direction and product management for our Work Force Optimization (WFO) product suite. He collaborates closely with research and development, sales, and the senior management team to plan and implement the product roadmap as well as OpenText Qfiniti’s integration into the overall portfolio of related customer experience management products. Mr. Graff is considered by his peers to be a pioneer in the quality monitoring market with more than 40 years’ experience in the industry. His unique expertise comes from having installed and supported many Call Center products such as ACD, CTI, VRU and Autodialers. Mr. Graff is a sought-after keynote speaker at tradeshows and conferences, and peer recognition and awards over the years underscore his efforts and achievements in the industry, at OpenText, and within his community. Mr. Graff received his bachelor's degree in technology from the New York Institute of Technology and is based at the OpenText offices in Addison, Texas.

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