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Purchasing technology for your enterprise, agency, or organization can be a long and exhausting journey. Once the contract has been signed, you’re ready to go,…

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November 20, 20234 minute read

Purchasing technology for your enterprise, agency, or organization can be a long and exhausting journey. Once the contract has been signed, you’re ready to go, right? The reality is the purchasing decision is more like the prequel to the true story of the journey. A lot goes in to making the “what technology” choice—but now you need to set off on the “how are we going to maximize the value of this investment” portion of the quest.

So, you have an idea of where you want to go, but do you have a clear picture of the specific goals you want to achieve to drive your business forward with this technology? An important part of any journey is a good map. And even better if you have trusty guides who have been there before.

Follow the map, trust your guides

L.O.V.E.™ by OpenText™ is here to ensure that you have an excellent customer experience, from deployment all the way to the outcomes you’re hoping to achieve. We’re with you throughout the journey to help you succeed as we:

Land together: Listening and learning to ensure value at every step.

Operate: Bringing best-in-class implementation and operations.

Value: Regular, proactive communication and reporting to help springboard innovation.

Expand: Ongoing discovery that increases the value of your software investment.

Customized journey, results-focused

Every organization has different goals for their journey—and needs a different level of guidance along the way. So L.O.V.E. by OpenText has three levels of engagement to make sure you get exactly what you need to achieve your goals.

Essential Success

Every customer starts with some basic essentials for their journey. Our Customer Success Portal (login required) provides access to resources and guidance from customer and technical experts. It includes:

  • Standard onboarding and welcome materials to kickstart your journey.
  • Self-guided resources
  • Customer success and technical success resources to support your business and technical requirements.

Enhanced Success

Work side-by-side with a customer success team to crystallize your business goals and develop a customer success plan. You also have access to technical success services for support of customizations, integrations, and interfaces including third-party products. This offer includes:

  • An assigned customer success manager who guides you through your journey with OpenText.
  • A success plan that defines expectations, goals, and metrics that drive the value of the solution.
  • Success services that ensure faster time-to-value for priority tickets.
  • Access to application consultants for customizations, integrations, and interfaces.
  • Access to self-paced training, certification, and hands-on labs through a learning subscription.

Signature Success

Reach your full potential with support from a customer success manager who helps you with every business and technical detail for long-term success. Accelerate ROI with your tailored success plan, success workshops, and a multi-year training and adoption strategy that upskills your team. It also covers effective change management and works to boost end-user adoption. The offer includes:

  • A customer success manager who establishes a joint governance model and proactive communication at all levels of the organization.
  • Access to success workshops to understand your business needs and inform a unique proactive approach to your success.
  • A tailored success plan that accelerates the value of the solution and ensures a joint strategy for growth.
  • A technical success manager who consults with you to plan for scalability and conducts performance, solution health, capacity, and architecture reviews.
  • A multi-year training strategy that up-skills your team and plans for effective organizational change management to boost end-user adoption.

In the world of technology, the path to success is not just about making the right purchase; it’s about how you navigate the journey afterward. L.O.V.E. by OpenText is here to be your trusted guide, ensuring that your investment in technology reaches its full potential. With three distinct engagement levels, we cater to your unique needs, offering the resources, support, and expertise to drive your business forward. Your journey to success is within reach. With a well-planned map, your organization can soar to new heights. So, let’s embark on this technology adventure—designed with you in mind—together.

Find out more by contacting Customer Success, filling out our form, or visiting our Customer Success Portal for more information.

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Joe Federline

Joe Federline is OpenText’s Vice President of Customer Success Services, leading a team of Customer Success Professionals responsible for the end-to-end customer journey management and delivery of business outcomes. For over a decade, he has led teams in Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Content Management, Professional Services, Management, and Software as a Service. Joe is passionate about Customer Success and an advocate for our L.O.V.E. ™ by OpenText program.

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