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March 15, 20242 minute read

As we approach St. Patrick’s Day this weekend, our thoughts have turned to what it means to be lucky. Most definitions of the word include the concept of good things happening by chance. Here at OpenText, however, we know that the key to good things happening for our customers is planning.

In September 2023, we introduced the L.O.V.E™ by OpenText™ Customer Success Model. It centers on the tenets of Land, Operate, Value, and Expand throughout the entire customer journey. Its purpose? To achieve seamless engagement, efficient onboarding, widespread adoption, and strategic planning for our customers. The pivotal first step on that journey is success planning.

Unlocking value

Expanding upon the foundational principles of our L.O.V.E model, we are thrilled to introduce our Customer Success Planning Framework. Our dedicated Customer Success teams use this framework to help you expertly navigate through their entire OpenText journey to reach value realization.

The art of connection

For large-scale initiatives, success planning is the roadmap that guides organizations toward their desired outcomes. It’s more than just a process—it’s a shared commitment to excellence. At its core, success planning establishes long-lasting relationships. We develop trust among key stakeholders and sponsors, understanding their aspirations and challenges. It’s these connections that form the foundations for success.

Defining with purpose

Success planning also focuses on defining the primary business challenges and objectives that will shape a successful journey. We work to align with what drives our customers, and we’re not just focused on milestones but purpose. We identify measurable success goals that are commitments to effectively realizing value and meaningful business outcomes.

Efficient success planning

An effective success planning framework propels your efforts forward. OpenText Customer Success Services don’t just guide; we help define, in partnership with you. Our six-stage Success Planning Framework ensures attention is paid at very phase of the process, from value definition to growth and expansion. Working in partnership with you paves the path forward to value realization and achieving the desired business outcomes.
The following outlines our six-stage Success Planning Framework that our OpenText Customer Success teams are committed to.

Start your journey to better business outcomes today! Learn more on our OpenText Customer Success Portal (login required) and be part of our L.O.V.E. journey.

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